Does Burton make custom snowboards?

Does Burton make custom snowboards?

Our most trusted board, backed by a cult following as snowboarding’s one-answer to all terrain. From its humble beginnings, innovation has defined the Burton Custom Snowboard series and set it apart as the most popular, versatile, and mimicked board in snowboarding.

Where are Burton custom snowboards made?

Currently, most Burton snowboards are being made in China, while some of the higher-end boards are being produced in Austria like the board shown below, the Burton Mystery with a $1699.95 price tag, be sure to bring that board inside the lodge with you.

What type of board is a Burton Custom?

On Snow Feel: So the Burton Custom isn’t a super stiff aggressive board but the reason why it’s called Aggressive all mountain is that it’s an old technical camber board that’s locked in so it will catch an edge and slam you if you are off your game.

How much does it cost to customize a snowboard?

Custom Snowboard

Quantity Price per Board
4-5 $549
6-9 $499
10-19 $349
20-29 $279

Is Burton Custom good for beginners?

The Burton Custom is a great board to start out with. They have two types: Burton Custom and Burton Custom Flying V. To put it simply, Burton Custom (camber) is better for riding and Custom Flying V (rocker) for tricks. I’d say go with the one that suits your riding style the most.

Are Burton Good snowboards?

Base on the different snowboards I’ve owned and ridden and waxed/maintained, I can say that the Burton is by far the best quality board I’ve owned. I can’t say about Burton’s high end boards these days since I have never ridden them.

Can you change snowboard design?

You can have a new design every week! The beauty of our formulated wrap materials is the ease of clean removals so you can change designs as often as you like! This is especially nice if want to change your look from season to season.

What happened options snowboards?

Registered. They’re still around but not nearly as big as they used to be. They lost their team to Endeavor Snowboards (another Vancouver company that makes some of the best boards out there) and their manufacturing capacity took a major hit when their factory closed.

What is the number 1 snowboard brand?

Burton is a leading snowboard brand that has revolutionised the industry ever since its launch in 1977. The company, founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in a humble Vermont barn, has since expanded into an award-winning brand recognised by snowboarders globally.

Who owns Burton?
Burton/Parent organizations

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