Does Bottomless Trap Hole destroy?

Does Bottomless Trap Hole destroy?

Judge Program Forum Rulings “Bottomless Trap Hole” does not negate a Summon. It destroys and removes from play [sic] the monsters after it has already been successfully Summoned.

Does Gladiator Beast Gyzarus target?

Guard Mines: “Guard Mines” can only be activated directly in Chain to an effect which targets one monster. Thus, you cannot Chain “Guard Mines” to an effect like “Icarus Attack” or “Gladiator Beast Gyzarus” that targets multiple cards.

Can you Bottomless Trap Hole a flip summon?

Only the monster(s) that triggered “Bottomless Trap Hole” by being Normal / Flip / Special Summoned can be destroyed & removed from play by “Bottomless Trap Hole’s” effect.

How do you summon Gladiator Beast Heraklinos?

When “Gladiator Beast Heraklinos” is Special Summoned with its Summoning procedure, return the 3 monsters listed in its card text to the Deck, and Special Summon it. Returning the monsters to the Deck and Special Summoning this card are not treated as being done at the same time.

Can I respond to a summon Yugioh?

The Summon was not negated, so the Summon response window is now open, and the turn player can activate cards in response to the Summon of a monster. If the turn player passes doing so, then the opponent may do so.

How do I stop fusion summons?

Solemn strike negates the summon, so essentially, the card used to summon resolves, and then Solemn Strike prevents the monster from ever actually hitting the field.

Can you floodgate Jinzo?

Floodgate Trap Hole affects cards like Red Eyes Slash Dragon and Blue Eyes Chaos Max Dragon that are immune to targeting of card effects from spell/traps and monster effects. It however doesn’t work on cards like Jinzo that prevent trap cards from activating or Sorcerer of Dark Magic that negates trap card effects.

Does trap hole stop flip effects?

“Trap Hole” cannot be used at any time during the opponent’s turn. “Trap Hole” can only be used at the time of the summon. This includes Flip Summons.

Can you chain block Torrential Tribute?

You can chain “Bottomless Trap Hole” or “Torrential Tribute” to this effect.

Can Torrential Tribute miss timing?

Torrential tribute can however miss the timing, as DarkCygnus mentioned. However, this has to do with how the summon happened, and not with the cards that were activated in reaction to the summon afterwards.

Can bottomless trap hole be activated with goldd?

Also, if there are no cards on the opponent’s field to destroy, then the effect finishes resolving with ” Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World ” being Summoned, so ” Bottomless Trap Hole ” can be activated. Ido the Supreme Magical Force: Destroying monsters and Special Summoning ” Ido the Supreme Magical Force ” are considered to occur simultaneously.

Does bottomless trap hole work against Amazoness Tiger?

Then the effect of “Bottomless Trap Hole” disappears because the monster it would have applied to is no longer on the field. Amazoness Tiger: You can use ” Bottomless Trap Hole ” against ” Amazoness Tiger ” because its ATK is at least 1500 when Summoned.

Can you use bottomless trap hole on Trojan Gladiator Beast?

Trojan Gladiator Beast: “ Bottomless Trap Hole ” cannot be used in response to “ Trojan Gladiator Beast ” as it misses the timing, since the last thing that happened was that the player drew a card. ZERO-MAX: The effect of ZERO-MAX Special Summons your ” Infernity ” monster then destroys monsters.

Does bottomless trap hole negate the summon?

The effect of ” Bottomless Trap Hole ” does not negate the Summon, it removes the monster from play [ sic] after the monster has already been successfully Summoned. All ” Gateway of the Six ” needs in order to place the “Bushido Counters” on it, is for the monster to be successfully Summoned.

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