Does Bosch make a tankless water heater?

Does Bosch make a tankless water heater?

Bosch has both gas tankless water heaters and electric tankless water heaters, which are grouped in series. The 3000T series and the 6000C series are for the electric tankless water heater series, while the gas models fall into the Greentherm, Therm, and the ProTL series.

How much does a Bosch tankless water heater cost?

Bosch Tankless Heater Prices

Bosch Gas Models Max BTU Unit Cost Only
Greentherm 9800 160k $1,200-$1,600
Greentherm C 1050 ES 199k $1,200-$1,400
Greentherm C 950 ES 199k $1,200-$1,400
Therm C 1210 ES 225k $1,875-$2,200

How much does it cost to install a tankless water heater?

A tankless water heater costs about $2,318 to install, or between $1,196 and $3,447, but labor rates vary. Tankless model prices vary by brand, type and flow rate. The best way to budget for a new tankless water heater is to compare quotes from local contractors.

Where are Bosch tankless water heaters manufactured?

Vulcano brand tankless gas water heaters are sold throughout Europe and exported to North America where they are sold under the Bosch Greentherm brand name. In the U.S., Greentherm water heaters are Energy Star-rated products. Bosch has been manufacturing in Portugal since 1911 and at the Aveiro facility since 1977.

Do you need an electrician to install a tankless water heater?

You might also need to hire an electrician, depending on the type of tankless water heater you’re installing, whether you already have the necessary hookups in place, and the plumber’s skills. Either way, you should get estimates from several contractors before you select one or two to do the installation work for you.

Does Bosch make water heaters?

Gas tankless and electric water heaters from Bosch. Enjoy peace of mind and savings with highly-efficient and versatile water heaters from Bosch.

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