Does 2008 Mercury Sable have Bluetooth?

Does 2008 Mercury Sable have Bluetooth?

With Sync, you can connect an MP3 player to a USB port in the car’s console, or stream music into the system with Bluetooth. You can also pair a phone to Sync with Bluetooth and get hands-free calling, complete with voice command over your contact list.

Is Mercury Sable a good car?

Overall Mercury Sable is a great vehicle. Very comfortable, powerful, and drives smoothly. Relatively, fuel efficient.

What is the Ford version of the Mercury Sable?

Chassis specification. The first-generation Sable used the front-wheel drive Ford DN5 platform, sharing its 106 in (2,692 mm) wheelbase with the Ford Taurus. As with its Marquis predecessor, the Sable used unibody construction. The Sable is equipped with four-wheel independent suspension.

What model of Ford car was the corporate twin of the Mercury Sable?

Ford Taurus
Background: The mid-size Mercury Sable, corporate twin of the Ford Taurus, includes more standard equipment for the 1998 model year.

Does 2010 Mercury Mariner have Bluetooth?

Also new is the Sync with Traffic, Directions and Information system that adds GPS functionality as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The Mariner looks substantially less butch than the Escape thanks to the signature Mercury grille, clear taillights, front and rear fascias.

How many miles does a 2008 Mercury Sable last?

Take care of your Mercury Sable and it’ll take care of you. With the right maintenance at the right time, your Sable has a good chance of hitting 200,000 miles or more.

Is Mercury Sable 2008 a good car?

Reviewers think the Sable is a strong but unexciting choice for a family car. They praise its spacious interior, roomy trunk and improved V-6 engine, but find the exterior bland and the transmission sluggish. If you’re looking for an affordable large car, also consider the Toyota Avalon or the Chrysler 300 Series.

Is Mercury a luxury car?

Mercury started out as a luxurious car brand, but towards the end, its cars were best avoided. Mercury was a division of the Ford Motors Company established in 1938 by Edsel Ford. Mercury released some iconic vehicles that propelled the brand to the forefront of the luxury car scene.

When did Mercury go out of business?

January 4, 2011
Mercury (automobile)

Type Division
Defunct January 4, 2011
Fate Defunct
Headquarters Dearborn, Michigan , U.S.
Key people Edsel Ford, founder

Is a Ford Taurus a sedan?

The Taurus has been in production since the 1986 model year; its first run was as a mid-size sedan on the Ford DN5 platform, and its second and current production run has been as a full-size sedan on the Ford D3 platform.

Does 2010 Mercury Milan have Bluetooth?

With Sync, the Mercury Milan Hybrid lets us pair an iPhone by Bluetooth, and plug it into a USB port. Almost instantly, we can ask the car to call anyone in our phone book by name, or cue up music by saying an album or artist name.

Where can I find the specs of a 2009 Mercury Sable?

Research the 2009 Mercury Sable at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. Opens website in a new tab

What year is the Mercury Sable?

Our view: 2009 Mercury Sable By Mike Hanley Senior Editor See all 2009 Mercury Sable articles All model years for the Mercury Sable 2009 Mercury Sable 2008 Mercury Sable

What kind of engine does mercmercury have in the Sable?

Mercury has dusted off one of its well-known names and affixed it to one of its lower-profile cars. For 2008, “Montego” is out and “Sable” is in for the brand’s full-size sedan, which also sees some minor cosmetic changes as well as a new, more powerful V-6 engine under its hood.

Is the Mercury Sable a good car?

Drivetrain quirks aside, Mercury got it right with the Sable’s brakes; the pedal is progressive, which makes it easy to judge how hard you have to press it from whatever speed you’re traveling, and the brakes confidently bring this large car to a halt. The Inside

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