Do I need PVC cement for sump pump?

Do I need PVC cement for sump pump?

Easy. The new sump pump and the old sump pump have different PVC fittings. You’ll need both the purple primer and the PVC glue for this part. I applied the purple primer to both pieces and then the glue to both.

How do external overflow boxes work?

External Overflow: The unique design of the overflow allows them to maintain a siphon in the event of a power outage by “trapping” water in the bend over the tank so that this area is always full of water and only the excess water that flows into the overflow will drain down to the sump.

Is Herbie overflow quiet?

One of the biggest draws to this design of overflow is that the Herbie style can run near-silent, unlike the Durso. The reason is that the Durso only has one pipe, which allows both water and air to force their way through, causing the obnoxious gurgling sound.

What is an aquarium overflow used for?

An aquarium overflow does exactly what it sounds like, it allows water to overflow out of the tank. The primary purpose for this is to route tank water to a sump to house your equipment out of sight, however that is just one of the benefits.

What is an overflow in a reef tank?

Simply put, an overflow is an inlet for your reef tank plumbing. Water enters the overflow and down to the sump. By far, the preferred type because it’s much safer. However, it requires drilling of the aquarium or the purchase of an aquarium with overflows built-in.

Do I need to re-plumb my reef tank?

Reef tank plumbing is a necessity unless you purchase an all-in-one aquarium. We’ll cover designs, plumbing diagrams, parts, the overflow (Durso, Herbie, & Bean Animal), the return line and return pumps. Even with an all-in-one aquarium you may want to re-plumb it to ensure that it is quiet and reliable.

How does the water get into the overflow tank?

Water resistance inside the reactor will slowly change as the media becomes depleted or dirty. This in turn changes the rate of flow pushed up to the display, then falling over the weir and into the overflow. All this means is that if the setup allows for variations in flow, the valve on the siphon will need to be adjusted more frequently.

Do aquariums with overflows need drilling?

However, it requires drilling of the aquarium or the purchase of an aquarium with overflows built-in. Requires the use of a siphon to go up and over the rim of the aquarium which is prone to breaking and leads to water overflowing onto the floor.

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