Do I need a permit to visit Nhulunbuy?

Do I need a permit to visit Nhulunbuy?

While residents and visitors are free to travel within Nhulunbuy and the Industrial Estate, a permit is needed if they wish to leave these areas for recreation or travel purposes. The permits ensure the privacy of the Indigenous communities, the protection of the environment and promote the safety of visitors.

Can I enter Arnhem Land?

Entry to Arnhem Land is by a free permit only (with minor exceptions like a day trip where you fly in and out). If you’re travelling independently, you’ll need to apply to the Northern Land Council at least 10 working days before you leave.

Is Nhulunbuy a dry community?

Alcohol consumption East Arnhem Land is a ‘dry area’. This includes Nhulunbuy and the surrounding communities. Drinking in public places is prohibited with the exception of some popular recreational areas that are sign posted.

Can you take alcohol to Nhulunbuy?

East Arnhem Liquor Permit If you want to buy any take away alcohol from the bottle shops or the pub you will need to apply for an individual liquor permit. You need a permit whether you are a local or a visitor to purchase alcohol in Aboriginal dry areas including Nhulunbuy, Yirrkala, Ski Beach, Galupa and Gunyangara.

Is Nhulunbuy Aboriginal land?

Arnhem Land is a vast tract of nearly 100,000 sq km of Aboriginal owned land is one of Australia’s last strongholds of traditional Aboriginal culture. The Yolŋu people have inalienable freehold title over this land, currently with the exception of the mining lease that the town of Nhulunbuy is located on.

Can you take a caravan to Nhulunbuy?

Caravans are not permitted to access the Dhimurru recreation areas. There is a caravan park at the Walkabout Lodge and adjacent to the Boat Club. . Nhulunbuy (Gove) can be reached by air from Cairns (1hr 40mins) or Darwin (1hr 10mins) with AirNorth. A Visitor Access Permit must be held to book this accommodation.

Can you swim in Nhulunbuy?

The beaches around Nhulunbuy are absolutely spectacular. Beautiful sand and water that you can swim in most of the year, of course being cautious about sharks and other dangers. The bush here is great as well. Beautiful animals and types of plants you see all along the way to the spectacular waterholes.

Can you swim at the beach in Nhulunbuy?

How much is Arnhem Land permit?

There are a few different options for your permit, depending on how long you want to visit. As of August 2020, permit prices are as follows: 3 day access permit – $33.50 per adult, $15.50 per child. 14 day access permit – $49.40 per adult, $15.50 per child.

What do they mine at Nhulunbuy?

Mines. The Gove bauxite mine near Nhulunbuy has been in production since 1971. An alumina refinery operated in Gove from 1972 until 2014 but all bauxite is now exported. The mine is associated with a Mining Training Centre for local Aboriginal people, established with the support of Rio Tinto.

Where is the East Arnhem Region?

The East Arnhem Region is a local government area of the Northern Territory, Australia, governed by the East Arnhem Regional Council. Situated in the far north-eastern corner of the Northern Territory, the region covers an area of 33,310 square kilometres (12,861.06 sq mi) and had a population of approximately 10,345 in June 2018.

Why has East Arnhem Regional Council closed its council offices?

From time to time, East Arnhem Regional Council will Close Community Council Offices & Operations upon the request of Community leaders for deaths and funerals in the Community. This is a mark of respect and part of our Commitment towards Reconciliation.

When was the East Arnhem Shire created?

The East Arnhem Shire was created on 1 July 2008. Elections of shire councillors were held on 25 October 2008.

What is East Arnhem Regional Council’s spam policy?

Any messages that are received which contravenes this policy is strictly prohibited, and is also a breach of the Spam Act 2003. East Arnhem Regional Council reserves the right to recover all costs incurred in the event of breach of this policy. Why work here?

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