Do I need a permit to build a pergola in Broward county?

Do I need a permit to build a pergola in Broward county?

Yes, a permit is required for patio covers Like all home improvement projects, the permitting process aims make sure that construction is safe and stable.

How do I file a complaint with Broward county?


  1. File a Written Complaint.
  2. eMail [email protected]
  3. Report in person at Government Center West, 1 N. University Drive, Plantation, FL 33324.
  4. Call the Broward County Call Center at 311 or 954-831-4000 (8:30AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday)

What is Code Enforcement in Florida?

The Code Enforcement Division consists of both sworn law enforcement officers and civilian personnel. Code Enforcement has the responsibility to: Enforce all state statutes and municipal ordinances that deal with code related violations.

Do I need a permit to replace a fence in Broward County?

Description: A building permit is required for the installation, construction, alteration, or repair of a fence, wall, or dock withinUnincorporated Broward.

How close can a pergola be to a fence?

How close can I build a pergola to a boundary fence? According to the NSW government development standards, the pergola should be located behind the building line and at least 5m away from the boundary fence and up to 9m in other areas. The pergola shouldn’t be bigger than 25m² with an average height of 3m.

How do I sue in Broward County?

You must obtain and complete a Statement of Claims from the Broward County Clerk’s Office. This will include a detailed description of the basis for your claim. You may request a jury trial in your Statement of Claim as well. You will need to attach two copies of any supporting documents to be filed with the clerk.

Can Code Enforcement enter my backyard Florida?

Local government’s code enforcement officials are not permitted to enter onto any private commercial or residential real property to secure and assure compliance with code enforcement regulations without consent of the owner, operator, or occupant of the premises absent a duly issued search warrant or an administrative …

Who enforces Florida Statutes?

(1) The Governor of Florida is hereby authorized and empowered to promulgate and enforce such emergency rules and regulations as are necessary to prevent, control, or quell violence, threatened or actual, during any emergency lawfully declared by the Governor to exist.

What does a code enforcement officer do?

A code enforcement officer is responsible for evaluating private properties and public grounds against local codes, answering citizen questions about the codes, and issuing citations for code violations.

What is a code enforcement violation?

In most cases, investigation of code violations and enforcement action happens when a citizen reports a potential violation. Types of violations that are typically reported and where to report them include: vehicles, construction without permits, residential & commercial, tree/vegetation, noise and other.

What is city code enforcement?

Code Enforcement is the enforcement of the City of Bakersfield’s local laws (Bakersfield Municipal Code ), primarily about the upkeep of properties and the removal of public nuisances. Most violations of local laws enforced by the Code Enforcement section are handled with an administrative process which is an approach…

What is code enforcement in Florida?

Code Enforcement is now located at. 631 Chestnut Street, Clearwater, FL 33756. Pinellas County Code Enforcement is responsible for enforcing codes in the unincorporated areas of the county. Residents residing in one of the 24 municipalities should contact their town or city directly for assistance.

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