Do all iPhone 4 have a SIM card slot?

Do all iPhone 4 have a SIM card slot?

All replies The iPhone 4 came in 2 types. GSM and CDMA. The CDMA versions do not have a sim card and by extension no sim card slot.; These iPhone’s can only be used with the CDMA carrier they were originally sold for, and cannot be used with sim cards from GSM carriers.

Why does my iPhone 4 not have a SIM card slot?

Answer: A: If you have an iPhone 4 and it does not have a SIM tray, then you have a CDMA, or Verizon version of the phone. There were two different versions of the iPhone 4, the GSM and the CDMA. If you need a GSM version, then you will need to sell that phone.

Does my Sprint phone have a SIM card?

All Sprint and Verizon phones now have SIM cards, but that isn’t because of CDMA. The SIM cards are there for Sprint’s and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks, because the LTE standard also uses SIM cards.

Which iPhone does not have a SIM card slot?

Almost – The only exceptions are the CDMA iPhone 4 (which lacks a SIM slot entirely), and CDMA variants of the iPhone 4S when used on US CDMA networks (they have a SIM slot, but only use built-in programming for CDMA – any SIM inserted can only be used for GSM/UMTS networks, even CDMA SIMs – and will override and lock …

Can you use a prepaid SIM card in an iPhone 4?

They will want you to sign up for month-to-month service…can only be done at an AT store… called a post paid plan. Other than that, your only other choice is T-Mobile. They sell pre-paid micro sims, but their 3G network is not compatible with the iPhone, so you’re stuck on Edge.

Where is the SIM in an iPhone 4?

Answer: A: The SIM card tray is on the right side of the phone. Eject it with a paper clip or SIM unlock tool.

What SIM card can I put in a Sprint phone?

Sprint and Verizon are CDMA carriers. If you have a Sprint phone, you will be able to use a SIM card from carriers that run on the same network, such as Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Ting.

Can I put my tmobile sim in Sprint?

How to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile. Thankfully, if your phone is supported by Sprint’s LTE network, it will most likely be compatible with T-Mobile’s as well. If you have a compatible device, the only step you will need to take is replacing your Sprint SIM card with T-Mobile’s SIM card.

Does iPhone 4s have a SIM card?

Yes, all iPhone 4Ss have SIM card slots.

How can I activate my iPhone 4 without a SIM card slot?

How to activate iPhone without a SIM card

  1. Wondering if you can activate an iPhone without SIM card?
  2. The first most effective method to activate an iPhone without a SIM card is using iTunes on your computer.
  3. If you have an unlocked iPhone, then you can use iTunes to activate it.

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