Did the character Maude have an abortion?

Did the character Maude have an abortion?

Twenty years ago this month, Maude Findlay, the lead character on one of TV`s most popular shows, chose to get an abortion. Today, Maude`s decision stands as a watershed in TV history, an event that brought the battle over choice into the prime-time arena.

Why did Maude get an abortion?

Producer Norman Lear decided against a false pregnancy due to it being a cop out; he also decided against having Maude suffer a miscarriage, because that situation had already been done on his other show, All in the Family, to character Gloria Bunker.

How old was Maude when she got an abortion?

In November 1972, Norman Lear’s sitcom Maude broke new ground. In two episodes titled “Maude’s Dilemma,” the character of Maude, played by Bea Arthur, learns that she’s pregnant at the age of 47. After grappling with her choices, she decides to terminate the pregnancy.

Did Maude and Walter get divorced?

Maude and Walter ultimately decide to divorce. Maude comes to the realization that she may lose the election for state senate, especially after a television interview in which she voices her liberal views about premarital sex is poorly received. She feels better knowing her marriage with Walter is intact again.

Did Gloria have an abortion on All in the Family?

Archie hits the roof when he learns Gloria is pregnant and unemployed college student husband Mike has no means to support his soon-to-be child, but as he changes his tune, bad news comes — Gloria’s had a miscarriage.

How did the series Maude end?

After some soul-searching (and discussions with Walter, who agreed that raising a baby at their stage of life was not what they wanted to do), Maude decided at the end of the two-part episode that abortion was probably the best choice for their lives and their marriage.

Was Bea Arthur a Marine?

During World War II, Frankel enlisted as one of the first members of the United States Marine Corps Women’s Reserve in 1943.

How old was Adrienne Barbeau in Maude?

76 years (June 11, 1945)
Adrienne Barbeau/Age

Why did Maude keep her neck covered?

The black turtleneck tunic Arthur’s wearing at the moment was a present from the stylist for a gay men’s magazine. He insisted it was “her.”

Why did Esther Rolle leave Maude?

Although the show was a spin-off from Maude (1972), there were no actual references to that show or its characters (as though this series was just a name-only sequel). Esther Rolle left the show after the fourth season because she considered J.J. a bad role model for young blacks.

Why did Maude always cover her neck?

Though Maude and the foreign musician are married, that they had the ceremony in secret would be scandalous at the time, which is why Maude insists on hiding the child from her family.

What season does Gloria get pregnant in All in the Family?

Season 1 Episode 6
All in the Family – Season 1 Episode 6: Gloria’s Pregnancy (a.k.a.) Gloria Has a Belly Full – Metacritic.

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