Did Ted Williams have a wife?

Did Ted Williams have a wife?

Dolores Wettachm. 1968–1972
Lee Howardm. 1961–1967Doris Soulem. 1944–1955
Ted Williams/Wife

Where does Claudia Williams live?

Hernando, Florida
Claudia Williams is the daughter and only surviving child of legendary Red Sox hitter and left fielder Ted Williams. A nurse, she lives in Hernando, Florida, with her husband, Eric Abel.

What happened to John Henry Williams?

John Henry Williams, 35, the son of Hall of Famer Ted Williams who pushed to have his late father’s body frozen, died March 6 of leukemia at a hospital in Los Angeles, an attorney for Ted Williams’s family said. He had been battling leukemia for months.

Is John Henry related to Ted Williams?

John Henry Williams, who sent the body of his father, Ted Williams, the Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer, to be frozen at an Arizona cryonics laboratory, died on Saturday at a hospital in Los Angeles. He was 35. The cause was leukemia, his lawyer, Peter Sutton, said.

How tall is Joe Dimaggio?

6′ 2″
Joe DiMaggio/Height

How many planes did Ted Williams shoot down?

39-0. That would be 39 ground-attack combat missions flown during the Korean War as a U.S. Marine Corps pilot in his F9F Grumman Panther. Thirty-nine times he took off from his base.

What happened to Ted Williams brother?

Ted Williams’ brother, Danny Williams, also died of leukemia, at the age of 39.

Did Ted Williams have any kids?

John Henry Williams
Claudia WilliamsBarbara Joyce Williams
Ted Williams/Children

Is Ted Williams dead?

Deceased (1918–2002)
Ted Williams/Living or Deceased

How old is John Henry Williams?

35 years (1968–2004)
John Henry Williams/Age at death
He was 35. Peter Sutton said John Henry Williams died late Saturday at UCLA Medical Center with family members at his bedside.

What happened to Toe Nash?

Following the 2001 season, Nash was arrested and charged with statutory rape. He spent eight months in jail, missing the entire 2002 season. Released by the Rays, he then signed with the Cincinnati Reds. However, the Reds soon voided his contract, and he never played pro ball again.

Is Ted Williams Son frozen?

John Henry Williams, the son of baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams who pushed to have his father’s body frozen and his DNA preserved, has died of leukemia in a hospital in Los Angeles, an attorney for Ted Williams’ family announced Sunday in Boston. He was 35.

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