Did swarm used to go backwards?

Did swarm used to go backwards?

2 trains with 7 cars. From 2013 until 2015, the last two rows of each train faced backwards, while the first five rows faced forward. This was restored to the original for safety reasons in 2016, with all riders facing forward once again.

What is the story behind Swarm at Thorpe Park?

The Swarm is themed around a major disaster, with burnt-out vehicles and smoking objects that look like they have been blown up. The ride is said to give the experience of ‘Flying through a crash scene’.

How many inversions does The Swarm have?

The Swarm/Inversions

How fast is Swarm at Thorpe Park mph?

59 mph
The Swarm/Max speed
The Swarm. Experience speeds of almost 60 mph as you ride on the wings of THE SWARM – the UK’s first winged roller coaster!

What is the height limit for Swarm?

4′ 7″
The Swarm/Height restriction

Who is The Swarm Doctor Who?

Doctor Who: Flux introduced Swarm, an enigmatic new villain with a link to The Doctor’s past, but Swarm’s true identity could be The Valeyard. Flux is the name of Doctor Who’s 13th season, a single story told across six episodes.

How old is saw the ride?

When Saw – The Ride opened in 2009, it broke the record as the steepest vertical drop rollercoaster in the world!

How tall is the smiler?

The Smiler/Height

How many G is Stealth?

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Thorpe Park Location Chertsey, Surrey, England, UK Park section Amity Status Operating since 15 March 2006 Cost £12,000,000 Height restriction 140 cm (55 inches)
Inversions 0
Drop angle 90°
Duration 0:29
G-Force 4.5

How tall is Stealth?

205 ft high
Touch the sky on one of the UK’s tallest roller coasters At 205 ft high, the roller coaster flies slowly over the peak of the top hat.

Is there a max height at Thorpe Park?

6ft5” is the maximum but you may still fit. Best check with the park when you get there just to be safe.

How long is Stealth Thorpe Park?

29 seconds

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