Did Shimano discontinue the stradic?

Did Shimano discontinue the stradic?

New Shimano Vanford 2020 replaces the iconic Stradic CI4+ It’s a bold move by Shimano who has released the New Shimano Vanford 2020 spin reel and retired an old Aussie favourite. That’s right the new Shimano Vanford spin reels will replace the popular Stradic Ci4+ reels.

Is the Shimano stradic Ci4 discontinued?

The Stradic Ci4+ has been replaced by the Shimano Vanford spinning reel. While the introduction of the new Vanford has been very exciting, it is still sad to see the iconic Ci4+ reel be discontinued.

How much does a Shimano stradic weigh?

Weighing 225g, the Stradic FL 3000 matches perfectly with a range of rod ratings from 2-4kg to 3-6kg. Featuring 6+1 bearings, 6.1:1 gear ratio and an upgraded Cross Carbon drag system with 9kg of power.

Where is Shimano stradic Ci4 made?

Shimano Stradics Made In Malaysia.

What does Fl mean Shimano?

Shawno – FL is the model – the most recent to be exact – the last stradic I believe was the fj. The F indicates its european – the letter after that indicates which model – fa-fb-fc- etc – They do skip some letters however.

Can you use Shimano stradic in saltwater?

The Shimano Stradic FK reel is an excellent choice for both fresh and saltwater and is available HERE. For the higher-end angler that wants a reel that can go from finessing the smaller species to holding up under the load of a large bull red or snook, I can highly recommend purchasing this great reel.

What is the Shimano stradic made of?

After some digging, the name Ci4+ refers to the material from which the Stradic is made. Using carbon interior fusion technology, Shimano has created an extremely light but incredibly strong spinning reel. I’m rough on my equipment. It’s just the nature of the beast for the way I fish.

Is a stradic reel worth it?

Sure, but look at the prices……unless you’re a tournament pro and make 3000 casts on average per day fishing fast, this is the best deal, best build quality, etc. The stradic is the best reel for the price point hands down. Very smooth and easy casting.

Are Shimano reels any good?

Last of the Japanese Reels by Shimano for the US market. Great reel…last of the quality reels made by Shimano before they moved operations for the production of reels to Malaysia and China. Reel is very nice, but a bit pricey for money.

What makes the stradic Fi so durable?

Equipped with the Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, Propulsion Line Management System and Aero Wrap II, the Stradic FI brings a new standard to the word durability. Featuring a Waterproof Drag system, Shielded A-RB Bearings, and sizes up to 8000, there aren’t many fish the Stradic FI can’t handle.

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