Did OBU win today?

Did OBU win today?

Muleriders Fend Off OBU, 76-69 – Oklahoma Baptist University Athletics.

What conference is Ouachita Baptist University in?

Great American Conference
Ouachita Baptist Tigers football/Conference

What division is Ouachita?

14 NCAA DIVISION II TEAMS Ouachita Tigers show up and show out, racking up recent national wins in swimming and wrestling and conference championships in basketball, football, soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Does OBU have wrestling?

Wrestling – Ouachita Baptist University Athletics.

What division is OBU football?

NCAA Division II

Oklahoma Baptist Bison
University Oklahoma Baptist University
Conference Great American Conference
NCAA Division II
Athletic director Robert Davenport

Is Oklahoma Baptist University a d1 school?

Oklahoma Baptist (OBU) teams, nicknamed athletically as the Bison, are part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II, primarily competing in the Great American Conference (GAC).

Is OBU Division 2?

1. “Getting the news that OBU has made it through the NCAA Division II membership process and has been accepted as a full member of the division is both an honor and a great achievement,” said OBU Director of Athletics Robert Davenport .

Does Ouachita Baptist University have a golf team?

With the suspension of the golf program, the number of Ouachita athletics teams will decrease from 16 to 14 with seven men’s teams and seven women’s teams. Coach Sharp has served as the Ouachita men’s golf coach since 1998. Doug Taylor coaches the women’s team in a part-time role.

What is OBU known for?

OBU has a total of 33 National Championships: one for softball, one for men’s tennis, one for women’s tennis, two for baseball, two for men’s basketball, three for women’s swimming and diving, four for men’s swimming and diving, seven for men’s track and field, 12 for women’s track and field.

Is OBU a d2?

What division is Oklahoma Baptist baseball?

Division II


After listening to all sides of a debate on whether to pursue membership in the NCAA, OBU opted to journey from its longtime home in the NAIA to become a member of the largest association of college athletics on the planet, starting the process with an application for membership in 2014.

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