Did Kathy love Tommy?

Did Kathy love Tommy?

The triangle is a standard one: Kathy is attracted to Tommy; Tommy gets involved with Ruth, who is also Kathy’s best friend; Ruth knows that Tommy is really in love with Kathy; Kathy gets Tommy in the end, although they both realize that it is too late, and that they have missed their best years.

What do you think Kathy’s motive in looking through the porn magazines might be?

Tommy realizes that this clarifies why Kathy was looking through the porn magazines so quickly: she was trying to find her possible. But why would Kathy’s possible be a porn star? Kathy thinks that maybe her overwhelming urges to have sex might come from the model she was cloned from.

What does Kathy and Tommy’s experience in Norfolk suggest about the symbolic meaning of both the Judy Bridgewater tape and Norfolk?

For Kathy, the Bridgewater tape embodies her innocence at Hailsham, and her desire for physical and emotional connection with other people—with lovers, with children. For Tommy, the tape also embodies this long lost emotional connection—Tommy wants desperately for Kathy to find the tape again in Norfolk.

Where does the title Never Let Me Go come from?

The novel’s title comes from a song on a cassette tape called Songs After Dark, by fictional singer Judy Bridgewater. Kathy bought the tape during a swap meet-type event at Hailsham, which she often used to sing to and dance to the chorus: “Baby, never let me go.”

What happened at the end of Never Let Me Go?

Perhaps the most dramatic departure in Never Let Me Go, the movie, occurs in its final lines. The film ends with Kathy musing that it might not matter that she and her friends are forced to die young. “What I’m not sure about is if our lives have been so different from the lives of the people we save.

What do the cottages represent in Never Let Me Go?

Analysis. While Hailsham is associated with childhood, the Cottages represent a transitional phase between childhood and adulthood. Accordingly, life at the Cottages is less supervised than life at Hailsham.

What is the purpose of Never Let Me Go?

Never Let Me Go takes place in the late 20th century, in an England where human beings are cloned and bred for the purposes of harvesting their organs once they reach adulthood.

What do Ruth and Kathy discover Tommy has been drawing in private?

One day, Kathy finds Tommy drawing his imaginary animals in a nearby barn. He shows her the pictures, which all are tiny and highly detailed. He says that Ruth is the only other person who has seen them.

What is Keffers attitude towards the students?

Keffers doesn’t show any real animosity towards the students; he’s simply a little on the grouchy side. His somewhat frosty attitude towards them seems to be based more on a generational gap than the special status of the students.

Why do you think Ruth pretends to forget things about Hailsham?

Ruth begins to pretend that she can’t remember things about Hailsham—even though Kathy knows that Ruth shares her associations about the guardians and parts of the campus—perhaps because Ruth now considers those memories “immature.” One day, when Kathy and Ruth are discussing one of Kathy’s brief romantic flings, Ruth …

What is the secret guard in Never Let Me Go?

As its name suggests, the guard lets the students imagine themselves as “guardians” who protect Miss Geraldine and hold secret information. The secret guard also gives the students a privileged, if make-believe, connection to Miss Geraldine, a guardian beloved for her kindness.

How does Ruth act towards Tommy and Kathy on the way to Norfolk?

On the way to Norfolk, Ruth sits between Kathy and Tommy in the back seat. She spends most of the drive leaning forward to speak with Rodney and Chrissie, which prevents Kathy and Tommy from talking to one another. Kathy suggests that she and Ruth switch seats, but Ruth angrily accuses her of trying to make trouble.

What does Hailsham symbolize?

Hailsham. Hailsham symbolizes the idea that clones are human beings, not just medical procedures. The guardians at Hailsham treat the children well and teach them to take care of each other. For the clones who did not go there, Hailsham represents the idea that some clones have more privileges than others.

How are the cottages a symbolically appropriate setting for the story?

The Cottages are an appropriate setting for the harvesting of the clones’ organs as they have been converted from old farm-buildings. Back in the day, the farm would have been used for the exploitation of animals for meat and dairy products…. (The entire section contains 120 words.)

How do Madame and Miss Emily react to Kathy and Tommy when they come to request a deferral?

Miss Emily kindly welcomes Kathy and Tommy. She says that she is very proud of how they have grown into adults, and she apologizes for Madame’s sour attitude. She goes on to explain that the deferral rumors are not true, and she sincerely apologizes that Kathy and Tommy were misled.

Does Ruth die in Never Let Me Go?

It is not until Ruth begins to donate that it becomes clear she has resented a great deal about her life as a clone and that her actions are due in part to her own lack of confidence. Before she dies, she admits to trying to keep Kathy and Tommy apart and urges them to find some happiness before it is too late.

What happens to Tommy in Never Let Me Go?

Tommy becomes a carer and then a donor at Kingsfield recovery center. Eventually, Kathy becomes his carer. Together, they visit Madame to ask for a deferral. When they learn that deferrals never existed, Tommy throws his final tantrum in the middle of a cow field.

What does Kathy decide to do after her talk with Laura?

After speaking with Laura, Kathy decides to become Ruth’s carer.

How long do the students typically live at the cottages never let me go?


What is Tommy’s theory about the gallery?

Tommy’s theory is that Madame collected their art to read their souls and see which clones were in love. A visit from Madame could also be a chance to ask for a deferral of his last donation.

What is the emotional and thematic significance of the song Never Let Me Go?

The Song “Never Let Me Go” The song symbolizes both the depths of human love and the fear of losing those whom one loves. Kathy imagines that the song is about a woman afraid of losing her baby. Holding tightly to the child, she sings a song that expresses her happiness as well as her fear of loss.

What was the tokens controversy?

The tokens controversy begins because students feel that their best work is being taken by Madame for the Gallery and they are therefore unable to claim tokens for them. This annoys the students as usually they are able to claim the most tokens for their prized pieces of work.

What is the message in Never Let Me Go?

The phrase “never let me go” is somewhere between a plea and a demand, reflecting a deeply human need to hold onto, and be held by, loved ones. Kathy’s memories are her way of holding onto everyone and everything she has lost. However, Kathy’s memory is also fragmented and somewhat incomplete.

Why was Kathy looking at the magazines?

He thinks that Kathy looks at pornographic magazines because she is searching for her possibles. Kathy admits that she has strong sexual urges, which made her think that her model might be in those magazines. She has tears in her eyes, but manages to avoid crying.

Why did Ruth keep Kathy and Tommy apart?

But also their friend Tommy influences the relationship between Kathy and Ruth extremely. Because at their time at Hailsham Tommy becomes Ruth´s boyfriend, but Kathy sleeps with him, what makes the two girl tear apart. That’s when Kathy leaves Hailsham to start her job as a career.

Why does Kathy leave the cottages?

Kathy makes a reference to Hailsham, and Ruth claims not to know what she is talking about. Kathy thinks Ruth is feigning ignorance and calls her on it. However, Ruth continues to pretend, and so they continue their conversation. Soon afterward, Kathy makes her decision to leave the Cottages to become a carer.

Do Tommy and Kathy get together in Never Let Me Go?

Ruth completes after her second donation. Tommy gives his third donation, and Kathy becomes his carer. They spend their days reading and talking at his recovery center. Eventually, they also begin to have sex.

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