Did Cher date Gene Simmons of Kiss?

Did Cher date Gene Simmons of Kiss?

Cher began dating Kiss singer Gene Simmons around 1978 and they had a love that lasted several years. In a 1979 interview with People, they both opened up about their relationship. Cher admitted their union wasn’t exactly monogamous but called it the best relationship she ever had.

Who did Cher date on Kiss?

Gene Simmons
Kiss: This Member Got ‘Jealous’ When Gene Simmons Dated Cher for 1 Reason. The world of classic rock and pop collided when Kiss’ Gene Simmons started dating Cher. According to another member of Kiss, the press misconstrued how the other members of the band reacted to Cher.

Did Cher sleep with Gene Simmons?

With Letterman grilling her about her rumored list of lovers, Cher confessed to sleeping with some major names, including Tom Cruise, Warren Beatty, Eric Clapton and Gene Simmons.

Is Gene Simmons from Kiss still married?

Simmons lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Shannon Lee Tweed a Canadian actress and former Playboy Playmate. Although they began dating in 1983, they did not marry until 28 years later. Simmons often joked that he and Tweed were “happily unmarried” for over 20 years.

Is Cher married right now?

Is Cher married now? As of 2021, Cher is presumed to be single.

Is Gene Simmons the lead singer of Kiss?

Gene SimmonsSince 1973
Paul StanleySince 1973Eric Carr1980 – 1991
Kiss/Lead singers

Why did Cher and Gene break up?

Cher admitted that their relationship wasn’t completely monogamous — she was ok with Gene fooling around on tour — but described it as “the best relationship I’ve ever had with a human being.” They broke up when the rocker fell for Cher’s friend, Diana Ross.

Who did Cher marry?

Gregg Allmanm. 1975–1979
Sonny Bonom. 1964–1975

Who did Cher marry after Sonny?

Gregg Allman
Who was Cher’s second husband? On June 30, 1975, just four days after finalizing her divorce from Sonny, Cher married rock legend Gregg Allman, co-founder of The Allman Brothers Band.

Are Shannon and Gene Simmons still married?

Later in the interview, Gene and Shannon also opened up about their unique Hollywood love story. While the two didn’t tie the knot until 2011, they’ve been together for over 37 years.

Who is Cher with now 2021?

Cher peels back the curtain on her ’80s love story with Val Kilmer. An unlikely ’80s romance has blossomed into a friendship that continues today.

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