Why is my Facebook in Arabic?

Why is my Facebook in Arabic? If someone has changed your language settings to mess with you (or you’ve done it on accident), select “Account” (the button at the top right of your facebook, no matter the language), then select the second button down (“Account Settings”), and in this menu select the fifth tab from […]

Is cursive writing allowed in CBSE?

Is cursive writing allowed in CBSE? β€œAt the secondary and higher secondary levels, there is no instruction or compulsion through either curriculum or syllabus to use cursive writing in English,” said board secretary Krishnakumar Patil. Is teaching cursive writing necessary? Cursive is not required by the national educational Common Core Standards. “Cursive writing helps train […]

Who started slang?

Who started slang? ‘ Slang can also be described as nonstandard words or phrases (lexical innovations), which tend to originate in subcultures within a society. As a matter of fact, English slang started as language used mostly by criminals in 16th and 17th century England and developed primarily in saloons and gambling houses. Is it […]

Does 999 call back?

Does 999 call back? If you dial 999, stay on the line. Otherwise we will call you back. The police want to know that you are safe and it saves us valuable time. Why should you not use slang in your essays? Informal language is not appropriate in formal writing or speaking contexts. Slang and […]

How can I improve my comprehension for 11+?

How can I improve my comprehension for 11+? Read the passage carefully. Write nothing. Read through all the questions. Write nothing. Skim-read the story or passage as you work out answers to each question, using clues and evidence from the passage. Write nothing. Write answers in complete sentences, unless asked not to. CHECK EACH ANSWER […]

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