Can you use Holloway House quick shine on laminate floors?

Can you use Holloway House quick shine on laminate floors?

The answer is YES! You can use our Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Finish and Cleaner on a variety of sealed hard surface flooring, including; hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, linoleum, stone and more! Simply squirt and spread our cleaner with a damp microfiber mop pad for a beautiful streak free, clean floor surface.

How do you use Holloway House Quick Shine Floor cleaner?

Simply dilute the Deep Cleaner in HOT water and apply to the floor surface in small 5′ x 5′ squares at a time, let stand for a few minutes and agitate. Remove debris and build-up from each 5′ x 5′ area of the floor with a clear water rinse.

What is the best product to shine laminate floors?

BEST OVERALL: Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner.

  • BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner.
  • BEST NATURAL: Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner.
  • BEST FOR SHINE: Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish.
  • BEST FOR SCRATCHES: Rejuvenate All Floors Restorer.
  • Can I use Mop and Glo on laminate floors?

    Mop and Glo is a multisurface floor cleaner that is safe for use on most types of flooring materials. However, if your laminate flooring has a high-gloss coating on it, Mop and Glo may begin to cause the surface to dull over time due to buildup.

    Does Quick Shine build up?

    Afterwards, you should be able to mop this up. If you still have a few areas that have this build up on them, you’ll need to do it again. Doubt its that easy.. anything that shines floors that well will cause a build up..

    Is Murphy Oil Good for laminate floors?

    CLEANING CAN BE NATURALLY SAFE Another great response for how to clean laminate wood floors involves a bucket, hot water, a mop, Murphy® Oil Soap or a similar natural cleaner that’s safe to use on laminate. Systematically go over your flooring with the mop, being sure not to leave any water behind.

    Can Murphy Oil Soap be used on laminate floors?

    Does quick shine wear off?

    Quick Shine is not a wax; it’s a polymer finish which means you never have to strip it off the floor. You literally walk it off. If you have lots of traffic in the house you might want to reapply every few weeks, but if it’s just you in the house, the finish will last for months.

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