Can you swim at Cape drastis?

Can you swim at Cape drastis?

… an access to swim,a little place where you can get drinks,and tickets for a boat ride along the Canal D’Amour.

Where is Cape drastis Corfu?

Cape Drastis (Akra Drastis in Greek) is the northwesternmost point of Corfu island. But what makes it a sight is the weird shape of the cliffs with tiny sea caves and peculiar formations with a few sandy strips between them. When climate conditions allow, Cape Drastis can be visited by boat.

What is Sidari like in Corfu?

What’s Sidari like Sidari is a very popular tourist resort on the north coast of Corfu. Sidari predominantly caters to package holiday makers with lots of hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, travel agents, vehicle hire shops, souvenir shops and even a campsite just outside the town.

Is Sidari Corfu Lively?

The nightlife in Sidari can be quite lively, there’s a number of British style bars like you might expect to find in Kavos or one of the other typical 18-30 style resorts that Greece has a few of but it’s n where near as raucous. No matter what you’re looking for, entertainment wise, Sidari has you covered.

Is Sidari worth visiting?

Besides being a beautiful village, there are also some bars that are worth visiting. These include the Siesta Bar, Mojitos, The Vine, and the Bolero Irish Bar. Each of these places has its own charm, which makes them all worth visiting! There are plenty of other bars in the area, too.

Is Sidari a family resort?

Sidari is a lively resort mainly suited to families and couples. The vibe in resort is very safe and family orientated.

Is Sidari good for couples?

Sidari. Holidaying as a pair? Then, Sidari is just the spot. This enchanting resort continues to charm couples with its mix of highlights from its natural landscape to its Blue Flag sands and upbeat nightlife.

Which is the prettiest resort in Corfu?

7 of the best resorts in Corfu

  1. Sidari: Best for families.
  2. Kassiopi: Best for couples.
  3. Ipsos: Best for travellers on a budget.
  4. Kavos: Best for those looking for good nightlife.
  5. Dassia: Best for culture.
  6. Arillas: Best for those looking for a quieter place to stay.
  7. Agios Georgios North: Best all-rounder.

Which is the sunniest Greek island?

The island is extremely popular among tourists, though, so during the summer it’s a crowded place (to say the least). Kythira—a small island located between the Greek mainland and Crete….What Are the Sunniest Places in Greece?

City Lentas
Island Crete
Clear days 155.3
Partly cloudy days 153.4
Overcast days 56.2

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