Can you infuse whiskey?

Can you infuse whiskey?

Here’s the thing: you can infuse just about any ingredient into whiskey. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are the most common ingredients to infuse with whiskey. Believe it or not, you can also work with butter and cheese or fat-wash whiskey with smoked ham, cooked bacon, charcuterie and other meats.

What whiskey is good for infusing?

The older the bourbon, the smoother it goes down. Great choices for infusion are Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek, and Eagle Rare. When I say Tennessee whiskey, I’m really just saying Jack Daniel’s (there’s good old George Dickel out there, but he’s just an imitator as far as I’m concerned).

How long does it take to infuse whisky?

Taste as You Go If you want more flavor, let the whisky infuse another day and taste it again, continuing until it’s to your liking. Most infusions take three to six days.

How do you make whiskey infusions?


  1. Place ingredients for each whiskey flavor in a large mason jar.
  2. Evenly pour about 1.5 cups of whiskey over ingredients in each mason jar.
  3. Taste test the whiskey every couple of days.
  4. The coffee and chai spice whiskeys only take about 1 day or so to infuse.
  5. The other flavors should take about 5-7 days.

What spices to add to whiskey?

The impression of baking spices— we’re talking mainly about cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, clove, and allspice—adds warmth, color, and complexity to the aroma and flavor of whisky. At times they can be punchy and assertive, bursting with aromatic character, and at others masked in deep, woody earthiness.

How do you infuse alcohol fast?

A different approach to rapid—or semi-rapid—infusion uses the controlled heat of a sous vide bath to speed the process. The general technique is to set an immersion circulator in a water bath for no higher than 77.5°C (171.5°F), combine the ingredients in a Ziploc bag, evacuate the air, seal the bag, and submerge it.

Do you have to refrigerate infused bourbon?

Room temperature is fine for most things, but if you’re concerned (or just like cold beverages), keep your homemade infusion in the fridge. Some sediment is normal for a homemade project, no matter how well you strain. However, if you ever see anything floating that looks cloudy or like mold, throw it all out.

Can you soak fruit in whiskey?

SOAKING. Soaking in whisky, tea and marmalade makes for the juiciest fruit and a rich, but not overpowering, cake. If you use orange juice instead of whisky, the result will still be good.

How do you infuse bourbon into flavor?

Nuts. Infused bourbon with nuts can be a fun and exciting way to add some extra flavor. Pecans are a popular choice to infuse bourbon with, and adding it with vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, and orange zest is perfect for the fall season. You can also add walnuts, hazelnuts, or pistachios.

How do you make whiskey Flavour?

Alongside the grain recipe, the use of peat in the malting process is one of the most powerful determining the final flavor. If a distillery is using peat to dry the barley, a very distinct smoky flavor will be imparted – a common characteristic of Scotch whisky.

What gives whiskey its heat?

Spiciness in whisky has been partly attributed to 4-vinylguaiacol, a breakdown derivative of lignin in the oak wood and a congener produced during fermentation by distiller’s yeast, while the impression of clove comes courtesy of eugenol, a phenolic compound.

How long does infused alcohol last?

Add the infusion ingredients to your jar, fill with vodka, and cover tightly. Store on the countertop for anywhere from 3-7 days. The alcohol will preserve any fruits or veggies that should typically be stored in the fridge. Taste it periodically to assess whether it’s flavored enough for your liking.

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