Can you drink with Transfusion?

Can you drink with Transfusion?

For years golfers have looked forward to this drink at the turn or in the clubhouse and now Links Drinks has created a Ready to Drink Transfusion in a can! Made with a premium 6x distilled Vodka, Ginger Ale and Concord Grape Juice this refreshing drink is Gluten Free with natural flavors, no preservatives and 7% ABV.

What is the drink transfusion made of?

The Transfusion is a highball cocktail starring vodka, Concord grape juice, lime, and ginger ale.

Who invented the Transfusion cocktail?

Dwight D. Eisenhower
The cocktail’s origin is unknown, but it’s served on both coasts and even at Augusta National. Supposedly, Dwight D. Eisenhower was a fan, consuming Transfusions at his preferred country club in Palm Desert, California, after his presidency.

Who owns Links Drinks?

Fred Evanko
Links Drinks founder Fred Evanko spent fifteen years in the trade show space at Reed Exhibitions where he cemented many golf industry connections working as head of sales for the PGA Shows.

Why are transfusions a golf drink?

For the uninitiated, the transfusion is a true golfer’s golf cocktail. It’s delicious, refreshing, potent enough to numb the pain of a double bogey, and does one hell of a job of soothing hangovers. Below, our team has provided a fool-proof recipe for the perfect transfusion.

What do you drink on a golf course?

Best Golf Drinks: Golf Monthly’s Tipples For The Top

  • Coffee. Let’s start with, probably, the most common pre-round golf club drink…
  • Beer/Lager tops or bottoms. This one is known around clubhouses as, “The Sportsman’s Concession.”
  • Arnold Palmer.
  • Orange Juice and Lemonade.
  • Kümmel.
  • Isotonic Sports Drink.
  • Aperol Spritz.
  • Water.

Is Titos good with Gatorade?

It is OK to mix Vodka with Gatorade. It’s actually one of the smarter things to do. Ethyl alcohol by its nature will dehydrate you.

What’s in ginger ale?

Ginger ale is a carbonated beverage made with ginger root and a sweetener such as sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or a low calorie sweetener. Many commercial ginger ales contain little ginger and a lot of added sugar, but some traditional varieties contain real fermented ginger root.

What alcohol do golfers drink?

Bourbon is a pretty standard liquor to have out on the golf course. Most players have a quick nip after they’ve made a birdie or enjoy it with their cigar. It’s also good to have on cold days when you need something extra to keep you warm.

What is the pink drink golfers drink?

BioSteel, known on the PGA Tour as the ‘Pink’ drink, provides golfers with a sustained amount of energy. The quick absorbing, high performance, proprietary BioSteel sports drink combines five amino acids, and electrolytes for longtime, consistent, and ongoing energy.

Do pro golfers drink?

It does appear to be frowned on in general. Tour pros are routinely drug tested, and while a BAL > 0 is not a disqualifier, it tends to make the news when a golfer admits they had a drink prior to or during a round. Some notable course lushes include John Daly, Rocco Mediate and Erik Compton.

What is vodka and Gatorade called?

For all you UF fans out there, here’s a cocktail that you’ll only want to put down to do a quick gator chomp before getting right back to the drinking. The Gator mixes Florida Vodka, Orange Gatorade (invented by UF) and Lemon Juice.

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