Can you do VLOOKUP with 2 columns?

Can you do VLOOKUP with 2 columns?

VLOOKUP doesn’t handle multiple columns. You can find matches for Movie and Showtime columns individually but to find a match based on both the columns, you would need to modify the VLOOKUP formula.

How do I lookup a value in multiple columns?

The VLOOKUP function can be combined with other functions such as the Sum, Max, or Average to calculate values in multiple columns. As this is an array formula, to make it work we simply need to press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER at the end of the formula.

Can you look up 2 values in a VLOOKUP?

To set up a multiple criteria VLOOKUP, follow these 3 steps: Add a helper column and concatenate (join) values from columns you want to use for your criteria. For the lookup value, join the same values in the same order to match values in the helper column. Make sure VLOOKUP is set to perform an exact match.

How do you match two columns and pull information from a third?

Write down the formula, =INDEX(C2:C12,MATCH(F2,IF(B2:B12=F3,A2:A12),0)) in cell F4. After writing the formula press Ctrl + Shift +Enter to use it as an array formula. You will see a pair of 2nd brackets appear in the formula which contains the formula inside it. After doing this you will get to see the below result.

Can you index-match multiple columns?

Unlike VLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH can index multiple columns for fillable output. In other words, the array can be multiple columns. When properly using referencing, you can pull a formula across a sheet and fill multiple columns.

Can you index match multiple columns?

How do you lookup 2 columns in Excel and return a value?

Two-column Lookup

  1. To join strings, use the & operator.
  2. The MATCH function returns the position of a value in a given range.
  3. Finish by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER.
  4. Use this result and the INDEX function to return the 3rd value in the range C2:C8.

How do I compare columns in VLOOKUP?

How to compare two columns in Excel using VLOOKUP

  1. For lookup_value (1st argument), use the topmost cell from List 1.
  2. For table_array (2nd argument), supply the entire List 2.
  3. For col_index_num (3rd argument), use 1 as there is just one column in the array.
  4. For range_lookup (4th argument), set FALSE – exact match.

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