Can you buy a LVL 30 LoL account?

Can you buy a LVL 30 LoL account?

Yes, as safe as it gets when it comes to buying LoL Smurfs. We don’t believe customers should be risking their money when purchasing online so we offer Lifetime Warranty as an option for every account. Never worry again.

Where is the best place to buy League accounts?

The safest place to buy League of Legends accounts is . They’re selling accounts no matter the region you’re in.

Is League of accounts legit?

No, it isn’t safe to purchase another players’ League of Legends account. Many LoL account sellers make fraudulent claims and are running scams. Account trading is against Riot Games’ Terms of Use, making it a bannable offense. Even if you aren’t scammed, the account will most likely be permabanned in the future.

Is it illegal to buy League accounts?

Account trading is an illegal practice in which everyone loses, both the buyer and the seller. The reason is simple: since it goes against our Terms of Use, and threatens the entire community, the account is eventually suspended.

Can I sell my LOL account?

While it may be possible to sell your account to these sites, be careful when submitting any account information to them. Take some time and research who you want to sell your League of Legends account to. Your username and game account information are extremely important.

Can I sell my LoL account?

How long does it take to level a league account to 30?

With using boosts in bot games, you’ll need around 150 hours of playtime in order to reach the desired level 30.

What level is halfway to 30 LoL?

It takes 135 games to reach level 30. As soon as you hit that level, ranked games will be unlocked on your account. They are what League of Legends is all about.

What is the max level in LoL?

Unlike your account, your champion of choice will have a level cap in matches. Apart from the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode and any future exceptions, the level cap is set to 18 in most game modes.

Can Riot IP ban?

Does Riot do IP bans? – Quora. No, Riot does account bans. If you have an account banned by Riot you can start another one. Some people make the best of this and improve their behavior, but statistically most people with an account ban end up having more accounts banned later if they continue playing.

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