Can you apply Linklaters?

Can you apply Linklaters?

You are able to reapply for a vacancy in the same academic year, but you will not be able to retake the assessment in the same window.

How much does an associate earn at Linklaters?

Linklaters Salary FAQs The average salary for an Associate is £53,255 per year in London, United Kingdom Area, which is 49% lower than the average Linklaters salary of £106,045 per year for this job.

Do you get paid during your training contract?

Will I get paid? All trainee solicitors receive a salary, but this varies depending on the firm and location. From August 2014, the SRA announced that firms were only required to pay trainees the national minimum wage.

Is Linklaters CAPP assessment timed?

No preparation is required for the Capp online assessment, which is based on Linklater’s agile mindset framework. The assessment takes the average applicant around 60-90 minutes to complete, but it’s not timed. Once you’ve finished, your test will be scored and you’ll be presented with an individual feedback report.

How do you prepare for Linklaters?

Here’s a few top tips on how best you can to prepare.

  1. Ask questions, allow time to think and do your research. We understand that applying may feel daunting and time-consuming, but we’ll do everything we can to make it an enjoyable experience.
  2. Remember who we are looking for.
  3. Know the application process.

What is a NQ lawyer?

It is the culmination of all your hard work, from university through to law school and two years of training. But your career doesn’t stop upon qualification. The big question for all newly qualified lawyers (NQs) is what to do next. Each year we place a great many NQs into a variety of practice areas.

Is Linklaters a good place to work?

Great place to work the environment is very professional and can offer great career opportunities, there are a huge range of different departments and is great place to build up office skills and working on meeting deadlines.

Why Linklaters for your business?

New markets, new technology, new demands. The world is changing at a dramatic pace, presenting businesses with complex challenges. At Linklaters, we offer the market-leading expertise they need to succeed. We are business partners as well as legal advisors.

Where can I work as a Linklaters summer associate?

During the program, summer associates typically work in two different practice divisions. Many also have the opportunity to work in two different offices. You could find yourself in New York, London or Hong Kong, and, depending on the needs of the business, other Linklaters locations around the world may have openings.

How does linklinklaters use the contextual information tool?

Linklaters, in common with many organisations, uses a contextual information tool during the application process to understand the context in which you attained your results. You will be given the opportunity to add information, including extenuating circumstances such as illness or bereavement, when you complete your application.

Why linklinklaters as your Allens distributor?

Linklaters has formed a successful strategic alliance with Allens. Allens is a leading international law firm that has maintained some of the world’s longest client relationships, some stretching back almost 200 years. Clients are diverse, and include 55 of the world’s top 100 companies and more than 75 of Australia’s top 100 companies.

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