Can PHP work with Oracle Database?

Can PHP work with Oracle Database?

To create a connection to Oracle that can be used for the lifetime of the PHP script, perform the following steps. In this case, Oracle’s Easy Connect connection string syntax is used. It consists of the hostname and the DB service name. The oci_close() function closes the connection.

Which of the following are levels of export utility functionality?

The Export utility provides three modes of export. All users can export in table mode and user mode. A user with the EXP_FULL_DATABASE role (a privileged user) can export in table mode, user mode, and full database mode. The database objects that are exported depend on the mode you choose.

What is Oci_connect?

oci_connect() returns a connection identifier needed for most other OCI calls. The optional third parameter can either contain the name of the local Oracle instance or the name of the entry in tnsnames.

How do you exclude a full schema in Expdp?

Question: I want to exclude certain tables on the job during the expdp processclude in the expdp. If the expdp exclude parameter is used directly from the command line (and not in a parameter file (parfile)), the special characters (quote marks) in the exclude clause may need to be escaped with backslash (\) character.

What is OCI PHP?

PHP OCI8 and PDO_OCI are part of the PHP open source project. They are maintained by Oracle. The extension compiles with Oracle 10.2 or later client libraries. Oracle’s standard cross-version database connectivity applies, allowing PHP to connection to multiple versions of Oracle Database.

What is Oracle export utility?

2.2 The Export Utility. The Export utility is used to write data from an Oracle database into the BS2000 system files. Use this utility with the Import utility to back up your data and to move data between Oracle databases.

What is an Oracle export?

An Export file is an Oracle binary-format dump file that is typically located on disk or tape. The dump files can be transferred using FTP or physically transported (in the case of tape) to a different site.

How configure OCI8 in PHP?

So this is what I needed to do.

  1. Step 1: Download Oracle Instant Client Basic AND SDK Packages.
  2. Step 2: Install the Oracle Instant Client Basic and SDK Packages.
  3. Step 3: Download the OCI8 Extension from PECL.
  4. Step 4: Build the PHP OCI8 Module.
  5. Step 5: Install the OCI8 PHP Module.
  6. Step 6: Restart Apache to Load New Changes.

What is exclude STATISTICS in Expdp?

>> Using the EXCLUDE=STATISTICS parameter value of impdp prevents the automatic of gathering of object statistics by impdp. Setting this parameter value will greatly improve impdp performance. Version: 10.2.

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