Can I use word-wrap break-word?

Can I use word-wrap break-word?

Allows lines to be broken within words if an otherwise unbreakable string is too long to fit. Currently mostly supported using the word-wrap property.

Why word-break is not working?

Work-Break has nothing to do with inline-block . Make sure you specify width and notice if there are any overriding attributes in parent nodes. Make sure there is not white-space: nowrap . Highly active question.

Is word-wrap deprecated?

The word-wrap property has been removed from the CSS3 spec and other related properties have been added.

What is the difference between word-wrap and word-break?

The “word-break: break-all;” will break the word at any character so the result is to difficulty in reading whereas “word-wrap: break-word;” will split word without making the word not break in the middle and wrap it into next line.

How do I use word-wrap in CSS?

The word-wrap property is now treated by browsers as an alias of the standard property. An alternative property to try is word-break . This property will break the word at the point it overflows. It will cause a break-even if placing the word onto a new line would allow it to display without breaking.

Why is word-wrap not working CSS?

You need to use CSS hyphenation or JavaScipt-based hyphenation. The setting word-wrap:break-word , as well as word-break: break-all , by definition breaks words (splits th em to piece s at arbit rary poin ts), instead of proper wrapping. Because the css word-wrap doesn’t work in all browsers, use JavaScript instead!

How do you break a word in CSS?

The word-break property in CSS is used to specify how a word should be broken or split when reaching the end of a line. The word-wrap property is used to split/break long words and wrap them into the next line. word-break: break-all; It is used to break the words at any character to prevent overflow.

How do I use word-break in CSS?

The word-break property specifies how words should break when reaching the end of a line….Definition and Usage.

Default value: normal
Animatable: no. Read about animatable
Version: CSS3
JavaScript syntax:”break-all” Try it

What is word-wrap in CSS?

The word-wrap property in CSS is used to break long word and wrap into the next line. It defines whether to break words when the content exceeds the boundaries of its container.

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