Can I use popover on iPhone?

Can I use popover on iPhone?

Avoid displaying popovers on iPhones. Generally, popovers should be reserved for use in iPad apps. In iPhone apps, utilize all available screen space by presenting information in a full-screen modal view, rather than in a popover.

How do I present view a controller in popover Swift?


  1. asign Storyboard ID to the UIViewController you wish to display as a pop over.
  2. copy and paste the UIViewController extension into your project.
  3. call the function in the UIViewController that presents the popover.
  4. (optional) typecast it to the right subclass of UIViewController and asign all the properties you want.

How to show popover on iPhone?

Now add the below delegate methods of UIPopoverPresentationControllerDelegate. Now hit the run button and tap the button in view controller a popover will show from this button.

How do you dismiss a popover in Swift?

To dismiss the popover after creation, call the dismiss() method on the Popover instance. The popover can also be dismissed from within the popover’s view by calling the dismiss() method on the ViewController.

How do I use popoverPresentationController?

  1. create one XIB and swift file for popup menu . ( ex. MenuViewController)
  2. create another xib or storyboard view controller file for display popup menu . ( ex. ViewController)
  3. in viewController file add UIPopoverPresentationControllerDelegate.
  4. add button in ViewController and create IBAction and write bellow code.

What is popover controller in Swift?

A popover presentation controller, in iOS 8, is a presentation controller ( UIPresentationController ), and presentation controllers are adaptive. What appears as a popover on the iPad will appear as a fullscreen presented view on the iPhone, completely replacing the interface.

How do I dismiss popover in IOS?

Note: the method to dismiss the popover is already set up and working, in the root VC, which is the delegate. If I call it it will dismiss the popover. I just need to access the method from the popover. To do this I set up a property in the AppDelegate, and get an instance of the rootVC like this: self.

Is pushing the same view controller instance?

If you are, there is no need to push a VC onto your Navigation Controller because the segue will do it already. That is why your error is occurring – you are pushing a VC that is already on the stack of the NavController. It means you are pushing the same viewcontroller object to stack again when it’s already in there.

What is navigation Controller in iOS?

A navigation controller is a container view controller that manages one or more child view controllers in a navigation interface. Figure 1 shows an example of the navigation interface presented by the Settings application in iOS Simulator.

Is pushing the same view controller instance more than once which is not supported?

How do I navigate between view controllers?

Control-drag from the button in the first view controller into the second view controller. In the dialog that pops up, select show. A top bar should appear in the second view controller and there should be a connection between our first view controller to our second view controller.

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