Can I use heat on relaxed hair?

Can I use heat on relaxed hair?

Avoid hot tools. The perk of a relaxer is that it makes you less reliant on hot tools to straighten and style hair. Because the process of relaxing hair weakens follicles, you’ll want to avoid using excessive heat as it can easily cause damage.

Can hot comb damage your hair?

Just like with all products that use heat to style the hair, a major problem faced with using a pressing comb or any other straightening tool is the possibility of heat damage occurring. Leftover product can both weigh the hair down and also cause it to have a smoky smell to it.

Can you use a hair straightener on relaxed hair?

Don’t Relax, but Do Use a Flat Iron Her advice: Work with small, thin sections of hair and do so slowly. Tool kit: One-half-inch flat iron and heat protectant spray. Blow-dry your hair.

Can a hot comb straighten hair?

A hot comb (also known as a straightening comb or pressing comb) is a metal comb that is used to straighten moderate or coarse hair and create a smoother hair texture. A hot comb is heated and used to straighten the hair from the roots. It can be placed directly on the source of heat or it may be electrically heated.

Can relaxed hair air dry?

Because relaxer damages the hair, it needs to be treated gently and rarely blow dried. Letting hair hang loose while air drying will add waves or curls to it. Developing a regimen of twisting or using rollers will help to keep hair straight and stop further damage.

Which is worse heat or relaxer?

The cuticles (the outer “shingle-like” covering of your hair are NOT smoothed by relaxers, in fact, if anything, relaxers can tend to disrupt the cuticles by lifting them up due to alkaline swelling of the hair. So there you have it. Heat styling hair CAN be worse than relaxing.

Is hot comb better than flat iron?

Pressing combs are gentler on the tresses compared to a regular flat iron. But you have to avoid tangles so the hot comb won’t cause the tresses to break! It is always advised to start by using a brush before any hair care product.

Is hot comb better than straightener?

Do electric hot combs work?

You’ll find them gentler on your hair and easier to use. Even if you’ve got very thick, unmanageable hair, don’t dismiss the hot electric comb because it’s fine to use on any hair type. We would go as far as to say that electric hot combs have re-invented hair straightening and they’re definitely kinder to hair.

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