Can I print my Groupon voucher?

Can I print my Groupon voucher?

To view or print your voucher: Head to My Groupons on the app or website. Select View Details next to your purchase. From this page, you can print your voucher.

Can you screenshot Groupon voucher?

You can send it to your email as a screenshot and go to a library to print it out there. How do I book a Groupon voucher given as a gift?

How do I save Groupon vouchers as PDF?

Tap the printer drop-down at the top of the preview page, and select the printer you want to use. Alternatively, you can save a PDF copy of your voucher by selecting Save as PDF.

How do I print a voucher?

How to Change Printing Configuration in Tally ERP 9

  1. Go to Homepage(Gateway of Tally)
  2. Click F12 Configure.
  3. Click Printing.
  4. Select Type of Voucher whose Printing Configuration to be changed.
  5. Change as Required.
  6. Enter Enter or Ctr A.

How do I use expired Groupon vouchers?

If you have an expired Groupon, you can often still use it with the merchant for the amount you paid for the deal. The expiration date found on your Groupon refers to the date that the value listed on the deal page—also known as the promotional value—is no longer valid.

How do I print a Groupon gift?

You can print a customized card and voucher by selecting “Print” at the top of the window. Enter your desired message. After you complete your order, go to “My Groupons” under your account name in the top right corner of the screen. There will be a printable PDF available corresponding to your purchased deal.

Can I email a Groupon voucher?

For voucher based items: During checkout, you will be given the option to email the voucher to the recipient or print the voucher to give to them in person! Email option also includes the ability to select the date on which the gift message is sent. Gift messages can be personalized.

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