BEST 10 TIPS: how to help a student struggling with essays

Writing essays and many other academic papers sounds sometimes as something disastrous. And that is natural, of course. Student times are often very busy while professors and teachers are fond of assigning complicated tasks with totally ambiguous instructions sometimes. The matter of sacrificing some important life and job matters stands pretty often for each student. But, it is sometimes possible to cope with high study and life loads if a student organizes one’s schedule in a better way.

Where do the problems appear?

There are several points why students find essay writing too burdensome. First of all, any writing assignment needs time. And students may simply not have enough time in their possession. That is because of too many assignments on the agenda and other personal duties that simply can’t be skipped.
An essay assignment with unclear and ambiguous instructions may also encourage the student to start thinking about how to get rid of it. It may be a serious problem for a non-professional writer to address such complicated writing demands.
An essay task may be simply useless. Any student perfectly knows that some tasks create no difference for their background but simply take time. Sometimes lots of hours are needed to complete a problematic task on the agenda.
There may be a lack of sources for essay writing. In this case, essay writing may turn out to be a real disaster. It is necessary to have access to some exclusive sources of information that are often payable but are needed to write a good essay.
All of these points increase the negative score of any essay as an assignment. But, whether it is totally burdensome or maybe there are some benefits provided thanks to this task?

Why is the essay needed and what specifics does this paper have?

Any essay is a piece of writing that is related to a personal analysis of a specific matter, sharing, and confirming a personal viewpoint about such a matter. That is why ambiguous instructions, for instance, may break the entire writing process.
A personal viewpoint should be based on some background analysis. This viewpoint has to be formulated as a thesis statement that will be explored next thanks to 3-5 supplementary statements. An essay needs extra pieces of evidence and examples to confirm the viewpoint. Such supplementary statements should be 100% supporting.
Flowing writing is also expected from essay content. It should be clear and coherent, free from any mistakes and errors. An essay should be readable also. The easier it is to read – the higher grades it is possible to get for it.
All of these basic issues form the specifics of essay writing. They are definitely serious but they are easy to tackle. For instance, it is desired to arrange the writing process well and dispose of the limited time in a more effective way. Here are the TOP tips that professional essay writers apply and recommend the students do the same to make any writing fast and effective.

Tips to help you tackle any writing difficulties

If you want to try to make an essay on your own, try to apply these tested tips suggested by experienced essay assistants. Each how-to you may find below will help to save time and deliver better results compared with writing a paper without any extra help.

Find a topic you like

This is probably your key to success. If you have any topic that raises no interest, the entire writing process can be failed. Usually, students start to procrastinate or may simply decide to ask for write essay help.
It is possible to find a better alternative to start writing independently. Simply think about the issues that could probably benefit you. What topics could be interesting for yourself first? Take a separate blank paper and write down all the topics you find potentially good for essay writing.
If you lack ideas on what topic you can choose, there is another good suggestion in this course. You may easily review the list of ready topics available online. Professional essay writers may also help you a lot with choosing a topic for your writing and complete it also if you ask them for help with essay you have now.

Research well

Any essay needs research. To formulate a clear viewpoint, you need to have some reliable background information in any case. You will also need the pieces of evidence a bit later to confirm this point of view. So, make sure you select credible sources for your essays only.
Prefer some official sources of information and the writing works of professionals in the specific study fields. Make sure that other sources of information you use, contain the info that is supported enough as well. It is also a good idea to make notes during the research stage. These notes will help you a lot next.


Once you have reviewed all sources available to you, brainstorm on the matter of your essay writing. Think about your reflections on this point. Yes, as an essay is personal writing, it needs to be based on your personal thoughts and opinions.
If you want to complete this work, you need a separate black paper only. Write down all the ideas that come to your mind based on the results of research and writing. Don’t limit yourself at this stage. Even if some idea seems to be useless to you, you can alter it a bit later and insert it in your essay as a good argument. Brainstorming is needed to formulate your clear viewpoint on the subject of writing.
It is also needed to create some hooks. These are small pieces of information placed specifically to impress future readers. These may be quotes, controversial statements, questions, etc.

Formulate your viewpoint

This is one of the most complicated points during essay writing. It may easily lead to discussions later. So, make sure your viewpoint is formulated clearly and explicitly. It should sound persuasive also. So, ensure such a viewpoint has two major points. First, it should be based on a clear idea – an explicit writer’s opinion on the matter. Second, proper wording should be selected for your thesis statement. There is one secret advice in this case that many students, unfortunately, neglect, – shorten your thesis statement to the maximum extent possible. This will signify you have thought a lot about it.


Forming a good thesis statement is the first big step to your future winning essay. But, the next must-have step that has to be passed but is frequently neglected also is outlining. Here your notes made during the research stage and ideas after brainstorming will be of great help too.
In a nutshell, an outline is the future structure of your essay. This is an organization of a paper. An essay should have an introduction, main part, and conclusion. All the ideas indicated there should be arranged logically.
The primary point in this structure is a thesis statement, of course. It should be placed in the introduction. Each next of the supplementary points should be explored in a separate body paragraph. The final part of an essay – its conclusion – should contain the restated thesis statement. This should be made in a manner as this statement has been confirmed already.

Apply freewriting

If you want to write a good essay, start with a freewriting technique. You need simply have your outline nearby and write freely without any limitations. You will be able to edit this first draft a bit later. But, at this stage, you need to express all of your valuable thoughts freely. This technique enables getting the exact personalized content after the next several editing rounds.


Don’t be afraid you have to edit your paper a couple of times. Even professional writers do that 2-3 times to polish a paper well.
Take your first draft for this purpose and review like from your future reader’s perspective. Condense those phrases that can be formulated shorter. Remove some overwordiness that may be. Apply synonyms to make your content more interesting.

Apply professional checkers

This is a totally good idea for non-professional writers. You need to use specific grammar and plagiarism checkers in the first turn. Make sure your essay doesn’t have any spelling or grammar mistakes. It should also sound clear and be readable. Professional online readability checkers will help you in this course a lot.
For an extra level of professionalism, experienced writers suggest you apply online editors. These tools can provide you with useful suggestions on how to edit your paper in a better way. At some points, they can even partially replace the presence of professional essay assistants. If you want to get better grades, apply at least free online tools of this type.

Request external feedback

Taking into account that your essay will be reviewed by another person, it is a good idea to request external feedback before submitting this paper for assessment. Anybody who is free can give you good advice at this point. For instance, it may become possible to assess whether your essay is readable and clear enough. It is also possible to find out easily what you wanted to say in your essay.
After getting feedback from 1-2 persons you may edit your essay to make it more appropriate from the points of readability and correctness. Asking for professional editing help is also a good alternative when you don’t have anybody nearby to trust your paper for review.

Come back to your paper after some time

If you have enough time for your essay writing, it is surely a good idea to return to a ready paper after some time. You may need to have 1 day or at least 3-4 hours to do so. Switch to doing other tasks you have on your agenda and return to an essay later. Look at it with your fresh views. Reflect more on the topic of writing. If you have got some new ideas, include those organically in your essay. Edit this paper more to adapt maximally to the needs of your future reviewers. This is the right option to get good grades a bit later.

TOP 3 services to make you forget about stressful writing

If any of these tips doesn’t inspire you to start the writing process because you are too busy now, these essay writer help services can create a difference! Apply to any of them. These are tested writing websites with confirmed TOP quality writing.

This company is probably the best one to ask for “help with my essay” as it enables saving some significant portion of the student’s funds. It is a possible thing thanks to the type of work this company ensures. It works as a bidding platform. So, its customers launch the tenders for writing their assignments and choose the most suitable pricing options. Yes, customers choose the prices for their services independently. And here is how this company works.
A student needs to think about the requirements that will ensure proper writing and about one’s preferences too. To ask for help with essays, it is necessary to create a new order only. A customer should indicate for this purpose the type of order needed, academic level, subject, number of pages for a future essay, and a deadline for its submission. Once such requirements are forwarded, all available authors whose competencies match these requirements exactly send their replies. Such replies are called bids and they contain the writing terms and prices for these services offered. A customer needs to choose the most suitable price and writing terms independently. Once this price has been chosen, it will be reserved after a customer thanks to making a deposit.
This team is professional in all aspects. It has introduced high-quality standards of writing and editing. It also hires and continues cooperation with professionals who are educated and experienced enough. hires native speakers, professionals who have at least 3 years of writing practice and are ready to confirm one’s writing skills during the precise testing. also carefully monitors the next performance that its authors demonstrate thanks to handling customer happiness rates has a very attentive customer support team that is ready to come and help with resolving any problematic issue that may only appear. It provides guarantees of quality, confidentiality, timely delivery, security, and confidentiality. This team also promises to refund all the money paid by its customers if it fails to address one’s requirements correctly for some reason.
This is a service to enjoy a totally different customer experience. It provides totally flexible writing terms where customers are allowed to choose the writing terms and prices independently. This is a good spot to ask “I need help with my essay” and save a lot at the same time.

This is another good team to ask for online help with essay writing. It operates as a classic writing platform. But, it provides price-quality balance charging even a bit less compared with the similar offers that its competitors suggest. It is possible to request an essay here starting from $10/page only but getting high-quality paper at the same time.
This writing website covers all academic levels – starting from high school and completing with university level (master’s/doctoral). The team provides qualified writing support for all types of papers, including essays, research papers, term papers, coursework assignments, and many other papers.
To make an order, it is necessary to create a new inquiry only. A user indicates the type of paper needed, academic level, subject, number of pages, and deadline. Once this order is obtained by a local team, its support staff starts searching for the right professional instantly. This will be a writer whose competencies 100% correspond to the expectations that a customer has communicated. This professional will always be in touch. A customer may use online chat to discuss all possible details of essay writing as well as request any updates needed.
To speak more about writers, the company hires professional authors only. This will always be a native speaker with a degree (master’s or even doctoral depending on the type of order needed). Such a professional always has solid writing expertise – at least 3 years of successful writing practice. At the same time, this team thoroughly checks all writing competencies that a writer demonstrates and tracks their next performance. Each professional has its own customer happiness rate. provides a comprehensive set of guarantees, including the guarantee of quality, confidentiality, timely delivery, and security. The team also provides free revisions without any limitations to their number. A money-back guarantee is foreseen also for cases when a writer fails to fulfill all the requirements of a customer for some reason. But, such a case is too rare as a team operates in a professional way always. So, this company is definitely a worthy place to ask for help with my essay.

This writing platform also works as a traditional writing company where customers have to leave their requests for writing and may expect to get TOP-quality writing help. This team is very helpful at providing academic writing help at different levels – high school, college, and university (master’s/doctoral). It is possible to get here qualified writing help for any essay, term paper, research paper, coursework assignment, case study, and many other types of papers.
The rates are charged individually also based on the needs that a customer has communicated. This team needs information about the order type, academic complexity, subject, number of pages, and the deadline for this paper. The price for the service needed will be calculated automatically based on these preferences. A team also encourages any special instructions that a user may have. The prices for the writing services here start from $10/page only. Any price is always calculated automatically.
What is good about this team is that it emphasizes the quality of writing. It adheres to high-quality standards of writing. And it surely selects professional writers for this purpose. prioritizes native speakers who have degrees in their fields of specialization (a master’s or doctoral degree is needed). All of the local writers are very qualified and have tested writing competencies. HRs test their skills and competencies thoroughly. And a team is also very attentive to possible preferences that a customer may communicate about a writer. provides all must-have guarantees of writing, including quality assurance, timely delivery, confidentiality, and security. Free edits are provided here without any limits to their number. If something goes totally wrong, a company is ready to refund all money paid. This guarantee is in place but is rarely applied according to the reviews available.
This team is a reliable one to place an order form for writing. It offers high-quality writing and delivers papers on time strictly. This is a good choice for all customers who need fast and effective writing help.

Bottom line

Writing an essay is too complicated thing if you have ambiguous instructions, don’t like your topic, or simply find this task useless. You may procrastinate and may be unwilling to sacrifice other important things to do in favor of this burdensome essay. At the same time, useful tested tips will enable you to organize your writing well and complete this writing assignment as it should be.
You just need to pick a topic you like, research it well, brainstorm, formulate your viewpoint, outline a future essay, and write it making several attempts at least. Essay writing is far more effective when you apply at least free professional editors and checkers. But, in the cases when nothing works, you may always ask for essay writing help to solve the writing problem with professionals at ease!

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