Are Vishal and Shekhar still together?

Are Vishal and Shekhar still together?

Popular singer and music composer Shekhar Ravjiani of Vishal-Shekhar fame has denied that he is parting ways with Vishal Dadlani. The 36-year-old Ishq vala love hitmaker took to Twitter to set the record straight. “Rumours that V (Vishal) and S (Shekhar) are splitting up are untrue. Stay tuned.”, tweeted Shekhar.

How old is Shekhar Ravjiani?

43 years (November 29, 1978)
Shekhar Ravjiani/Age

Who is Shekhar Ravjiani wife?

Chhaya Ravjiani
Shekhar Ravjiani/Wife

Ravjiani was born in a Kutchi family. He lives in South Mumbai with his wife Chhaya and daughter Bipasha.

How much does Vishal Dadlani earn?

When it comes to his income/salary $83,333.33 per month. He makes around $1 Million per year or Rs 7-10 Crores rupees in indian currency.

Why did Shekhar and Vishal split?

Dadlani had taken a break from the show to stay with his parents in Lonavala during the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic. Post that, music composer Anu Malik was asked to fill in Dadlani’s space in the show. However, Malik was later asked to leave owing to the multiple sexual harassment complaints against him.

Are Vishal and Shekhar Brothers?

Mumbai: Shekhar Ravijiani turned a year older Friday. Vishal Dadlani, the other half of Bollywood’s famous Vishal-Shekhar duo says Shekhar is more than a “blood” relation for him. “Happy Birthday to Shekhar, more than a blood brother to me! A friend, a teacher and a sheer genius!

How old is Shekhar Suman?

59 years (December 7, 1962)
Shekhar Suman/Age

Is Vishal and Shekhar Brothers?

Where is Vishal-Shekhar?

Origin Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Genres Electronic Dance Music Pop Hip Hop Sufi Indian fusion music Western classical Rock Trance
Occupation(s) Singer-Songwriter Musicians Lyricist Actors
Years active 1999–present

Is Shekhar Ravjiani married?

Shekhar Ravjiani/Spouse

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