Are Sightmark Optics any good?

Are Sightmark Optics any good?

The packaging is very good, it includes rings and a nice printed user manual. The turrets have crisp clicks, the scale alignment is not perfect though, only one of the three scopes has turrets that align on the marks perfectly. Eye relief is not the best, but is usable. Reticle is well defined and easy to read.

What is Sightmark M spec?

The M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight is shockproof, dustproof, IP68 waterproof, recoil-rated up to . 50 BMG and constructed of a rugged, lightweight magnesium alloy body and aluminum protective shield.

Is Sightmark ultra shot are waterproof?

Drop targets with staggering precision and speed with the shockproof and IP-55 water-resistant Sightmark® Ultra Shot R-Spec Reflex Sight. 4 illuminated red/green reticles with 10 brightness settings provide a crisp field of view in low- and normal-light environments for unbeatable reliability.

Are Sightmark optics made in the USA?

Just like the majority of all optics brands, Sightmark and Firefield products come from China – where, in recent years, local suppliers have set sharp improvements in their manufacturing procedures and quality control standards, allowing international industry players to offer better products at affordable prices.

What is a Sightmark?

Sightmark Ultra Shot Plus Multi Red & Green Reflex Sight The device is powered by a common camera battery, giving it up to 1,000 hours of continuous use. Shooters can take advantage of its quick-detach mount for easy removal when iron sights or other accessories are used.

What is the difference between Sightmark R Spec and M spec?

In short, the M-Spec is lighter, has a sharper reticle, integrated sun shade, better parallax, and is waterproof instead of just splash resistant. The M-spec has a only a single red reticle whereas the R-Spec can be red and green and has four reticle options.

Who makes Sightmark scopes?

The Sellmark Corporation
The Sellmark Corporation is an American company headquartered in Mansfield (Texas), active in the distribution of optical sights and accessories for hunting, sport and tactical shooting, and outdoors enthusiasts in general.

What is Sightmark warranty?

Your Sightmark product is warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship with the Sightmark Limited Lifetime Warranty. For night vision products, the image intensifier tube and the digital imaging sensor that enables night vision capability is warranted to be free from defects for a period o… see more.

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