Are Shamballa bracelets still popular?

Are Shamballa bracelets still popular?

If the world thinks that we don’t extend our line with different or new things, it is simply because the Shamballa bracelet is still the most popular item in our collection.”

What is Shamballa jewelry?

Shamballa bracelets have been around for centuries. The word Shamballa represents the mythical kingdom that Tibetan Buddhists believe symbolizes enlightenment, peace and perfection. Shamballa bracelets are based on the traditional Catholic rosary beads which are historically used for meditation.

What cord do you use for a Shamballa bracelet?

Recommended cords are Chinese Knotting Cord, waxed linen or S-Lon cord. One length of cord for finishing, about 8” to 10”. 8mm to 14mm beads – quantity depends upon size of beads, the spacing between them and wrist size.

Where do Shamballa bracelets come from?

Shamballa bracelets are versatile, beautiful and steeped in history. They originated from Tibetan and Indian Buddhists believing in the magical kingdom of ‘Shamballa’. Shamballa is a spiritual sanctuary overflowing with love, enlightenment, perfection and peace.

Where is Shambala located?

The mythical land of Shambhala is alleged to be located somewhere near the Himalayas or around the Kashmir region. In Tibetan Buddhism, Shambhala (Tibetan: bde byung, pron. ‘De-jung’) meaning “Source of happiness,” is a mythical kingdom or hidden place somewhere beyond the snowpeaks of the Himalayas.

What is Chinese knotting cord used for?

Traditionally used in Chinese folk art, Knotting Cord is used as a decorative handicraft. Chinese knotting is the process of creating a symmetrical shape using one length of thread to produce a seamless design that is identical on both sides.

What does red string on left wrist mean?

The meaning of a red bracelet is signified when worn on the left wrist. It is believed that the left hand side of your body is the receiving side, as it is closest to your heart. It is this sentimental value which shows through the red bracelet meaning, as love is the overwhelming feeling often linked to this jewelry.

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