Are Scattante bikes good?

Are Scattante bikes good?

Very comfortable and the frame is nice. Scattante is made in the same factory as Fuji, Felt, Scott and the BD bikes. Carbon frames might be different but the aluminum is good quality on this one. You should be fine and they are an excellent value.

Where are Scattante bikes made?

Scattante, for instance, is the “house brand” for the Performance bike shops. The frames are made, for the most part, in Taiwan, at factories that have plenty of experience and, in fact, probably make some frames for the big guys.

Who makes Scattante road bikes?

Am i seriously that technilogically deprived, or do they still need to come into the 21st century? Scattante is a house brand–they are sold through Perfromance Bike.

How much does a scattante R330 cost?

The Scattante R-560 (MSRP: $1599; Street: $1199) focuses on quality and economy with an XRL aluminum frame and a Shimano 105 10-speed drivetrain. Scattante’s R-330 (MSRP: $999; Street: $799) is a dependable entry-level road bike for modest budgets.

How much does a 2010 scattante bike weigh?

Scattante today announced its full line of 2010 road bikes, including an all-new, race-ready carbon frame that weighs in at less than 1000 grams.

What is scattante?

Scattante will bring to market a new lightweight carbon frame as well as single speed road bikes for urban riders. Scattante is exclusively available at Performance Bicycle. “Our new 980-gram frame is a serious innovation in cycling technology, and we’re certain that it will capture the attention of elite riders.”

How much does the scattante fr-560 cost?

The Scattante FR-560 (MSRP: $1599; Street: $1199) comes with an aluminum frame, a comfortable flatbar handlebar and a Shimano 105 10-speed drivetrain with Rapid Fire shifters for those who want to make cycling a regular part of their fitness regimen.

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