Are Russian cameras any good?

Are Russian cameras any good?

Very little is known about the specific details in the history of Soviet photography, but most of the Soviet cameras were built for simple use and easy repair. Nonetheless, Soviet cameras remain a favorite among analogue lovers for their reliability and unique results.

Which is the best Russian rangefinder camera?

The best would possibly be the Zorki 6 as it has the most “modern” features but in reality, the best Soviet rangefinder is the one (still) working.

Are Leica cameras still made in Germany?

Leica cameras are hand-made in Germany. Eight assembly lines produce 500 cameras a day mixing high tech processes with a tradition of hand precision. Visitors are able to see the state-of-the-art camera manufacturing facility through a long hallway lined with windows.

Is the Kiev 88 good?

Built like a tank (and weighing almost as much), the Kiev 88 takes amazing pictures! Compared to other medium format cameras of its class, it’s inexpensive and yields crisp, clear pictures, much like the camera it was modeled after — the Hasselblad.

Does Fed still make cameras?

Production of FED rangefinder cameras ended in the mid 1990s. Fed-5 Serial Number 545446 was made on 28 February 1994; Fed’s site claims that it was in fact 1997: “Start of serial production of vertical drive for control system of tanks. Production of all types of camera has stopped.

Is fed 2 GOOD?

The FED 2 feels great in the hands, it’s nicely balanced and compact, with a comfortable vulcanite exterior and a smooth, snappy shutter (a little softer and smoother on the 2e than the 2c). Very similar in feel to the slightly bulkier Zorki-4 but the viewfinder on the Zorki is astoundingly large in comparison.

What is Leica DRP?

The Leica III DRP is a rangefinder camera introduced by Leica in 1933 and produced in parallel with the Leica II series. Several models were produced over the years, with significant improvements. The viewfinder is set for a 50mm lens; the lenses are screw mount vs the M-mount series of Leicas.

Are Kiev cameras good?

Despite their reputation for being shoddily made, Kievs are really fantastic cameras. The same friend who collects old Russian cameras even suggested buying two Kiev bodies, since they’re so inexpensive so that I always have a back-up or extra parts. So far (knock on wood) I haven’t had any problems with my 88.

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