Are Rollie shoes worth it?

Are Rollie shoes worth it?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great shoes! Love these shoes! They are super comfortable after you’ve worn them a time or two. This is my second pair of Rollie’s and o am sure there will be more.

Are Rollies true to size?

Our shoes are manufactured to a standard fit. I’ve never purchased Rollies before, how do I know what size to order? We recommend for you to order shoes in your normal size or the size that you wear most often. We offer free shipping and free returns, so if the shoe fits, keep it.

Where are Rollies shoes made?

We create our shoes with love and respect and engage with people that love and respect what they do. We work with two main factories in China, both small to medium sized with approximately 100 workers.

Are Rollie shoes good for narrow feet?

The sleek Rollie Madison construction with a pointed toe is suited for narrow feet.

How do you wear Rollies?

Pair your rollies with a vintage shirt, a cute hat and denim shorts/ jeans or even printed tights. You can also add a wide belt to emphasize over your curves. With summer just around the corner, slip your crop tops over your jeans/ shorts or skirts and pair them with these comfy yet stylish shoes.

Can Rollies be resoled?

Yes! Please see below for shipping costs.

Can you wear orthotics with Rollies?

Rollie shoes have a fine, foot-hugging leather upper with a removable memory foam insole for all-day support. Removable insoles great for those with orthotics. Moulded insoles that increases stability and overall balance.

Are Rollies leather?

Crafted with energy returning EVA soles, memory foam socks, thin and flexible stiffeners and soles tested internationally for wear and tear, each Rollie is constructed using premium materials including hand-finished nubuck and soft burnish leathers.

Who owns Rollie nation?

founder Vince Lebon
Rollie founder Vince Lebon has been doing shoes for a long time, and after 10 years of designing shoes for Australia’s top independent footwear company … a spark of inspiration hit. His wife Kat (nickname Rollie) travelled a lot for work and in her down time she wanted to take in the magic each city had to offer.

Do you wear socks with Rollie shoes?

Rollies (derby style) no socks. Sport shoes or boots, socks all the way. It depends on the season, the shoe and what you are wearing.

How do I clean my Rollies?

  1. Spray with a suited leather protector (we recommend Collonil).
  2. Use a leather cleaner and a damp cloth to lift any dirt or water stain.
  3. For tough stains, use a soft bristle brush like an old tooth brush.
  4. After cleaning don’t forget to protect again with leather spray.

Should I clean the bottom of my shoes?

Clean all the loose dirt from the shoes. You can remove this dirt by slapping the soles of the shoes on your floor. Use a toothbrush to remove the dirt still lodged on the grooves of the outsole. A bristle brush such as a wire brush may damage the shoes’ bottom and make them unsuitable for return.

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