Are Monster Rehab drinks good for you?

Are Monster Rehab drinks good for you?

“Instead of being the safe energy drink that Defendants promised, the subject product causes dangerous hepatotoxic side effects, including without limitation, death, acute liver failure, hepatitis and other liver injuries,” the Monster Rehab class action lawsuit says.

Did Monster discontinue green tea?

I had this Monster White Tea set up for monthly auto-deliveries, and was absolutely devastated to see that Monster has discontinued the entire line (White Tea, Green Tea, and Yerba Matte).

What does the green tea Monster taste like?

Drink the new Dragon Tea at your own risk. Whatever they did to the original formula of this drink, they wrecked it. This re-formulation tastes like a mix of Antifreeze & battery acid. Monster, why do you keep wrecking your best tasting energy drinks?

What’s the difference between Monster and Monster Rehab?

You’ve got: Regular Monster (varietals include low-carb, Assault, and Absolutely Zero) Rehab (Teas-based; includes: white dragon tea, lemonade, peach tea, pink lemonade, orangeade, and raspberry tea)

Does Monster Rehab have aspartame?

Monster Rehab Lemonade Energy Drink contains artificial sweeteners like acesulfame K and sucralose.

What happened to monster dragon tea?

Monster decided to change the formula of this drink and it is now just white tea…it CLAIMS to have dragonfruit but I don’t taste it at all. I contacted Monster about the change in flavor and was told that Rehab Dragon Fruit Tea + Energy is no longer available.

Is green tea Monster carbonated?

Non carbonated, and low calorie offering that consumers will love.

What is the point of Monster Rehab?

MONSTER Rehab is a triple threat that quenches thirst, fires you up, and is the perfect choice after a hard day’s night. Rehabilitate the beast! Re-habilitate with a killer mix of tea, lemonade, electrolytes, and our MONSTER Energy® Rehab energy blend.

Does Monster Rehab have caffeine?

Monster Rehab Tea plus Lemonade delivers 160mg of Caffeine, and only 10 calories per can.

Which monster drink is the healthiest?

Monster Zero Ultra This version of Monster Energy is by far the healthiest amongst the Monster range in my opinion. This is because Monster Zero Ultra doesn’t contain any sugar and calories at all, unlike the other versions.

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