Are Monster High dolls discontinued?

Are Monster High dolls discontinued?

Monster High has been cancelled. In 2016, Mattel, in dire financial straits following the loss of the Disney Princesses line to Hasbro, rebooted Monster High and tried to aim it at a younger audience.

Why are Monster High dolls discontinued?

Monster High dolls were fueled by a TV show and some made for TV movies, when the show and movies stopped being produced then the market for the dolls went away and they were no longer produced.

How much are Monster High dolls worth?

The average cost of a Monster High doll is currently higher than the original retail price. You can get a doll ranging anywhere from $30-$200 or more.

Is Monster High coming back in 2020?

At this year’s New York Toy Fair 2020 edition, Mattel revealed that Monster High is coming back in a line titled “Skullector Dolls 2020”, featuring not just one but two dolls!

Are the old Monster High dolls coming back?

The fashion doll brand is coming back with a new animated series and live-action musical TV movie in 2022. Mattel TV and Nickelodeon are bringing the Monster High doll brand back to screens in the form of a new animated series and a first live-action TV movie.

Which Monster High dolls are most valuable?

Finnegan Wake One of the more valuable Monster High dolls, his action figure can be worth over $150.

Who created Monster High?

Garrett Sander
Monster High was created by Garrett Sander, with illustrations by Kellee Riley and illustrator Glen Hanson….

Monster High
Created by Garrett Sander
Original work Toys
Owner Mattel
Print publications

Are they rebooting Monster High?

In February 2021, Mattel Television announced that the Monster High characters would be returning to the big screen in two collaborations with Nickelodeon: another animated series and a highly anticipated live-action made-for-TV musical (via Deadline).

Is Monster High coming back 2021?

This is just an idea, please do not spread this as fact. The only confirmed possibility for a return of Monster High fully has been from Draculaura’s voice actor who’s confirmed she’s been contacted for new Monster High projects….Monster High (2021 TV Series)

Monster High
Preceded by Adventures of the Ghoul Squad

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