Are Moeck recorders good?

Are Moeck recorders good?

Moeck are one of the most recognised recorder makes in the world and have maintained their excellent reputation of making world-class recorders for over 40 years. Speak to one of our recorder specialists today for advice and help on choosing the perfect instrument!

Where are Moeck recorders made?

For this reason our recorders even to this day, are made exclusively in our workshop in Celle.

What is a Rottenburgh recorder?

Moeck Rottenburgh recorders were designed by Friedrich von Huene after original instruments by the Belgian maker Jean-Hyacinthe Rottenburgh (1672-1756.) These instruments have a rich tone and flawless intonation. They are made of carefully selected hardwoods chosen for their beauty and durability.

What is the difference between German and baroque recorders?

You can easily tell which type of recorder you have by comparing just two tone holes. If you look at the holes on a traditional Baroque recorder, the fourth hole down from the top is smaller than the fifth hole. On a German recorder, the order is switched – the fourth hole is larger than the fifth hole.

What brand of recorder is best?

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  • Yamaha: Reliable And Consistent Sound. Yamaha YRS-23Y. Yamaha YRS-302BIII.
  • Kingsley Kolors: Great Value And Durable. Kingsley Kolors.
  • Hohner: Beautiful Sound. Hohner Kids Recorder.
  • Aulos: Respected And Tough. Aulos A209B Soprano Recorder.
  • Conclusion.

Where are Aulos recorders made?

Experienced and skillful engineers are engaged in producing superb and uniform instruments in our factory in Japan. This is reflected in creating instruments of the highest quality. We continually strive to make the best, thus contributing to a standard of excellence in music making throughout the world.

Is the alto recorder a transposing instrument?

The F alto is a non-transposing instrument, though its basic scale is in F, that is, a fifth lower than the soprano recorder and a fourth higher than the tenor (both with a basic scale in C).

What is the difference between yrs 23 and yrs 24?

According to Yamaha, the only difference between these two recorders is that the YRS 24B is a 3 Piece English/Baroque fingering recorder and the YRS 23 is a 3 Piece German fingering recorder. The 23 model is a 3 piece recorder and the 24B model is a once piece.

What is a good beginner recorder?

Probably the two most common recorder voices that beginners learn to play are soprano and alto; which one you might choose could depend on a number of factors. We recommend that you begin on the alto recorder. The alto is a great choice if you plan to play in a group with other recorder players.

How is this Moeck Tuju bass Maple recorder in condition?

vintage Moeck Tuju Bass maple recorder is in excellent condition. It appears to be in near mint condition with little or no wear signs, there is no documentation on its age but appears to be from 1950-1960’s era based on my research, it comes in a travel case as shown, email your questions, thank you R

Is this Moeck recorder in excellent condition?

~~ STUNNING MOECK’ TUJU’ SOPRANO BAROQUE RECORDER IN EXCELLENT CONDITION ~~ This Moeck recorder is made from beautiful maple wood. Which gives this instrument a luxurious look and feel. The mouthpiece above and below is in excellent condition. The labium is in excellent condition.

What is a Tuju recorder?

This is an absolutely stunning recorder made by the world-famous firm of Moeck. The Tuju range are no longer in production and therefore much sought-after. They are suitable for both solo and ensemble playing. The instrument is an alto/treble made of maple wood. It has baroque/English fingering and double holes for F and G sharp. A = 440.

What kind of wood is a Moeck recorder made of?

Vintage Moeck Rottenburgh ( Baroque) alto recorder. Maple. Curved windway, bone joint rings, marked”8″ Well maintained, in excellent playing condition, has sublimely beautiful tone for solo or ensemble playing. You are bidding on a Moeck Soprano/C descant recorder in shinny maple wood.

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