Are Jeep Liberties good vehicles?

Are Jeep Liberties good vehicles?

Are Jeep Libertys Reliable? The Jeep Liberty has received average scores on all major reliability ratings. The Jeep Liberty has received average scores on all major reliability ratings. RepairPal rates it a 3.5 out of 5, ranking it 14th out of 26 midsize SUVs.

Do they still make Jeep Liberty?

Unfortunately, the Jeep® Liberty has been discontinued and is no longer in production. WHEN DID THE JEEP® LIBERTY GO OUT OF PRODUCTION? The Jeep® Liberty was discontinued in 2012. The Jeep® Liberty was succeeded by the Jeep Cherokee, a capable, comfortable midsize SUV.

How many miles can a 2003 Jeep Liberty last?

The Jeep Liberty can last well over 200,000 miles. Several factors will increase the likelihood of your Liberty’s longevity. Make sure that any recall issues on your model year have been addressed and fixed.

Do Jeep Libertys have transmission problems?

Even though this midsize SUV was given some fairly reliable engines at the factory, many owners do you report having problems with their 42RLE transmission. The most common of these Jeep liberty transmission problems is slipping between gears, or a noticeable delay between shifts.

Is the Jeep Liberty 3.7 a good engine?

The engine used in the Jeep Liberty is a 3.7L one. It is commonly known as the PowerTech engine. It is a pretty reliable and decent option to have under the hood of your vehicle….What Cars Use The Jeep Liberty 3.7 Engine?

Cylinder block composition Cast iron
Power 214 HP
Torque 319 lb.-ft
Weight of engine oil SAE 5W-30

Is the Jeep 3.7 a good motor?

The 3.7L is a very good engine. It provides plenty of torque so it’s very adequate for off-road use and even when towing. The downside of the 3.7L is street/expressway driving when you want acceleration. The Commander is heavy, and the 3.7L accelerates noticeably more slowly compared to the 4.7L and 5.7L.

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