Are Fuzion tires good?

Are Fuzion tires good?

Fuzion Tires is a sub-brand owned by Bridgestone. Tires sold under the Fuzion banner are marketed as budget tires that lack both; visual appeal, and significant performance functionalities. Instead the tires are primarily considered as good, budget-oriented replacement tires.

Are Fuzion tires made by Bridgestone?

Fuzion is a subsidiary of Bridgestone, one of the largest tire producing companies in the world. Fuzion provides a variety of high performance summer tires along…

How many miles do Fuzion tires last?

An all season tire designed for light duty pickups and SUVs. The Fuzion SUV has a 70,000 mile projected tread life based on CR’s test.

Are Fuzion tires all season?

The Fuzion is an all-season performance tire engineered for drivers of sedans, crossovers, minivans, and coupes.

What are Laufenn tires?

Laufenn Tires are made in Indonesia and are a sub-brand of South Korean tire company, Hankook Tires. Laufenn Tires are being advertised as a sensible choice and a no-frills tire for the tire customer who wants a reliable tire at a great value backed by a brand name in the tire industry.

Is Primewell a good tire?

Primewell tires may be safe in most conditions, but they are far from the best choice for aggressive driving through the corners. Push them harder, and the tires will quickly lose grip. Moreover, due to the smoother ride quality, the tires aren’t overly responsive – the steering feel isn’t great.

Why are Chinese tires cheap?

1.) Therefore, the price per tires always increases annually with some major brands. . Whereas tires in China focus more on volume sales and the cost int mostly for materials. The price of materials such as rubber, steel and so on are more or less fixed.

Are Nexen tires good?

Nexen tires come in a wide range of styles to suit all possible terrains and weather conditions. Some hit the spot, others fall quite short of the mark, but on the whole, Nexen makes good tires that are competitively priced and always worth considering when you need fresh rubber.

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