Are Firestone wheels good?

Are Firestone wheels good?

It’s one of the best rated tires of any type on the market today. It’s earned five stars for comfort, value, durability, and traction, and offers a solid 55,000-mile treadlife warranty. If any defects surface in the tires’ first three years, Firestone will replace them free of charge.

How long do Firestone FR710 tires last?

An all-season tire suitable for many family cars and minivans. A 65,000 mile treadwear warranty compared to the 55,000 miles tread life projection by Consumer Reports test.

Are Firestone summer tires good?

Summer tires deliver track-quality performance in wet and dry conditions. They’re engineered to supply a solid mix of traction, handling, and low road noise, and they remind you that you don’t need a racetrack to drive like a champion.

Is Firestone FR710 discontinued?

Bridgestone replaces FR710 with Firestone All Season — Bridgestone Americas Inc. is replacing the venerable FR710 premium car tire in its Firestone-brand portfolio with the “All Season,” a T-rated tire built to fit more than 70 percent of all cars, minivans and crossovers on North American roads.

Are Firestone all-season tires good in winter?

ALL-SEASON TIRES DON’T TAKE VACATIONS Comfort and capability should be year-round conveniences. That’s why Firestone all-season tires are designed with traction to grip in wet, dry, or light winter conditions. To handle the road any time of the year.

How bad are summer tires in winter?

In winter weather, summer tires have poor acceleration. Winter tires or snow tires will outperform them on snowy roads. Furthermore, summer tires have low rolling resistance, resulting in long brake distances on ice or snow. Even if there is no snow or ice, the tire loses traction.

Why are Firestone tires so expensive?

Why Are Firestone Tires More Expensive? Compared to other mid-range tires, Firestones are expensive. This is mostly because of the reputation the brand had built over the years.

Does Firestone charge to look at my car?

FREE CAR CHECKUP, COURTESY OF FIRESTONE. Come to Firestone Complete Auto Care for any service and you’ll receive a free Courtesy Check for your vehicle. We’re committed to the health of your car, and that health begins with expert vehicle inspections.

Does Firestone do spark plugs?

We carry all parts for an engine tune-up at Firestone Complete Auto Care. Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, & spark plug wires for a tune-up.

How good are Firestone tires?

All-Season. All season tires from Firestone are great all-around tires.

  • Champion. Champion tires are the longest lasting tires you can get from Firestone.
  • Destination. Destination tires do precisely what their name suggests; help you reach your next destination.
  • Firehawk.
  • Transforce.
  • Winterforce.
  • What is the warranty on Firestone tires?

    LIMITED WARRANTY. This Limited Warranty covers new BRIDGESTONE, FIRESTONE and PRIMEWELL brand passenger and light truck tires. See “Other Brands’ Warranties” section below for applicable warranty information on different brand passenger or light truck tires purchased from Bridgestone or Firestone locations.

    What is Firestone financial?

    Firestone Financial is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Bank ( member FDIC ). About Berkshire Bank. Established in 1846, Berkshire Bank, America’s Most Exciting Bank®, is one of Massachusetts’ oldest and largest independent banks and the largest banking institution based in Western Massachusetts.

    Who makes Firestone tires?

    The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company is an American tire company founded by Harvey Firestone in 1900 to supply pneumatic tires for wagons, buggies, and other forms of wheeled transportation common in the era. Firestone soon saw the huge potential for marketing tires for automobiles, and the company was a pioneer in the mass production of tires.

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