Are Dacia Logan cars any good?

Are Dacia Logan cars any good?

If you want to buy a budget family car, then the Dacia Logan is a great choice. The Logan is practical, economical and comfortable, too, and while the cheapest models are very basic, you don’t have to spend much more on higher spec versions to get just as much kit as more expensive rivals.

Is Dacia Dokker good?

In user reviews Dacia Dokker received average grade 4.3 (from 10) which is relatively low, considering average rate 8.0 for similar aged cars. Ratings are quite controversial, both positive and not so good, read more in the reviews below. 25% of reviewers would recommend this car to the friend.

Has Dacia Logan been discontinued?

Dacia ended production of the Logan MCV last October when it announced the subcompact estate would live to see another generation but in a different form. We’re fairly certain it’s not the long-rumoured “Grand Duster” with seven seats as it has the newly designed door handles of the latest Logan and Sandero models.

Are Dacia cars reliable?

Contrary to popular belief, Dacia’s are pretty reliable. In fact, they are very reliable. The AutoExpress Driver Power survey of 2016 put Dacia in third place for dependability, with a score of 96.17 out of 100. This was higher than Toyota and Honda.

Does Dacia Logan have Immobiliser?

The immobilizer on Dacia Logan is a security system which allows you not to start your car without a authentication of the key. This should block the injection the engine so that it cannot be started and the immobilizer warning light will appear on the dashboard.

How much is a Dacia Dokker?

For the version with a 1.6-liter 1.6-liter petrol engine, 11,000 euros, Iva, Ipt, and road-laying are enough. The cost for the variant with the most prestigious engine, the dCi from 1.5 liters of 90 horses (there is also a 75), is 13.100 euros.

Is the Dacia Dokker 4×4?

Through the Stepway package, the Dokker has inherited many of the characteristics of Dacia’s most successful 4×4. The only difference is that the rugged-looking Dokker doesn’t come with all-wheel drive. And that sort of defines the overall experience, since the Stepway package doesn’t turn the van into a crossover.

Will there be a new Dacia Logan?

Dacia has confirmed the new model will premiere in 2022 and is going to be followed by the middle of the decade by the company’s first C-segment model, the Bigster SUV with seven seats.

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