Are Burnett paintings valuable?

Are Burnett paintings valuable?

Though her artwork’s value is mainly aesthetic, Caroline Burnett oil painting prices are affordable for modern travelers who want a reminder of a place they have visited. Stroll the streets of your favorite city by browsing nostalgic cityscape paintings for sale online.

How much a Caroline Burnett painting is worth?

Caroline Burnett’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $12 USD to $313 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork.

Is Caroline Burnett real?

Caroline C. Burnett (1877 – 1950) was active/lived in France, United States. Caroline Burnett is known for Parisien street-scene painting. American-born artist Caroline Burnett was known for her Impressionist street scenes of Paris.

Who is Burnett artist?

Burnett? American-born artist Caroline Burnett was known for her Impressionist street scenes of Paris. Her painting style reflected the contemporary movement that was occurring in France during her time there. Caroline Burnett paintings also display hints of abstract influence, especially her figural paintings.

How many paintings did Caroline Burnett paint?

They should be considered as an alternative to buying a framed print. Important considerations: Count all the “Burnett” paintings listed on the internet at any one time and there are 1000s.

When was Caroline Burnett born?

Caroline Burnett was an American Impressionist & Modern painter who was born in 1877.

Is there such a thing as a Burnett print?

Many of the current Burnett paintings are ‘Fantasy’ scenes. The 21st century ‘Burnett’ paintings are available in new styles and colours. I have never seen or been aware of a Burnett print. All the work signed “Burnett” has a handpainted textured finish. I bought my 1st ‘Burnett’ painting in Tamworth, Australia, in 2002.

What kind of painting is signed by Caroline Burnett?

Signed Vintage French Impressionism Paris Cityscape Oil Painting signed by Caroline Burnett. Painting by Caroline C. Burnett (1877 – 1950). Impressionism Impressionistic Vintage Painting From Barnett.

What is the size of a Burnett Oil Painting?

Small (up to 12in.) Medium (up to 36in.) Large (up to 60in.) Burnett oil painting french street Caroline? Burnett Original Impressionist Work in Oil: Paris ~ SIGNED!!! Vintage Oil Painting Signed Paris Street Scene W. Burnett?

How do you date a Burnett painting?

My 1 st “BURNETT”. Style of frame suggests that the painting is from the 1950s/early 1960s. (Possibly older) My 2 nd “BURNETT”. My 3 rd “BURNETT”. My 4 th “BURNETT”. My 5 th “BURNETT”. My 6 th “BURNETT”. NOTE the initial on the signature “H. Burnett.” My 7 th “BURNETT”. NOTE the period after the signature “Burnett.” My 8 th “BURNETT”.

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