Are Bosch tools good?

Are Bosch tools good?

Bosch has a good track record of making tools that perform well. Additionally, they also make tools with great ergonomics. Their batteries have some of the longest shelf lives we’ve experienced among manufacturers.

Where are Bosch made?

Bosch is a German power tool manufacturer, and some of their tools and products are still manufactured in Germany, as well as in Switzerland. However, many of their components are now manufactured in Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, and China.

Where are Bosch professional tools made?

most of the manufacure is made in China. When consumers pick a brand is because reputation of its quality, and even in 100 years China will match the quality of any European country.

Who make Bosch tools?

Robert Bosch GmbH
In 2003 Robert Bosch GmbH combined its North American power tool and power tool accessory divisions into one organization, forming Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in North America….Bosch also manufactures the following tools:

  • Bosch.
  • Freud.
  • Diablo.
  • Dremel.
  • RotoZip.
  • Vermont American.
  • CST/berger.

Is Bosch as good as Milwaukee?

We know that not everyone can afford top of the line power tools. Though these two brands have super similar prices, Bosch gets our pick for best price. Bosch consistently has a slightly lower price than Milwaukee across all power tools, without sacrificing much quality.

Is Bosch a good brand?

Bosch. Up four places and tied for the sixth spot with a total of 68 points is Bosch. While the brand received a very good rating for gas ranges, it wowed shoppers who purchased dishwashers and cooktops, earning it an excellent rating in those categories. The rest of the scores were good across the board.

Does Bosch make hand tools?

Bosch – Hand Tools – Tools – The Home Depot.

How can I complain to Bosch?

Please call 0344 892 8979 and a member of our customer service team will assist you further with your query.

Where is Bosch headquarters?

Gerlingen, GermanyRobert Bosch / Headquarters

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