Are any of the Beauty and the Geek couples still together?

Are any of the Beauty and the Geek couples still together?

As a result there were plenty of fans who hoped the couple might be able to overcome long distance (with George in Melbourne and Josie in Sydney). However George and Josie have shared updates about their relationship status, revealing they are no longer together.

Who won Beauty and the Geek Australia Season 4?

Millie Lincoln (season 4): Winning Beauty And The Geek with Chard Oldfield meant that Lincoln could buy her first home at the age of 21.

When was Beauty and the Geek filmed?

Auditions opened in September 2020 searching for “Beauties” & “Geeks” aged between 18-35 with filming to take place over 7 weeks from mid January to early March.

How many episodes of Beauty and the Geek are there in Australia?

Beauty and the Geek Australia/Number of episodes

Are James and Jessie still together Beauty and the Geek?

“They say a picture says a thousand words, so here’s three,” James answered, posting photos of himself and Jessica from as recent as last week. At the very least, these two are definitely still mates. If you want to relive the extremely wholesome season of Beauty and the Geek, head on over to 9Now.

Are Bryanna and Kiran still together?

Kiran and Bryanna “I can’t say, sorry,” Bryanna told TV WEEK. The drama ramped up when a source spilled to the So Dramatic! podcast that beauty Bryanna was more invested in the relationship than Kiran. “Kiran dumped her not long after filming ended, Bryanna was left heartbroken,” the source explained.

Where is the Beauty and the Geek mansion?

The property known as `Longuevue’ in Ascot Rd, Kenthurst has been the backdrop to some of the country’s most popular television shows including Beauty & The Geek and The Bachelorette.

How many seasons are there of Beauty and the Geek Australia?

Beauty and the Geek Australia/Number of seasons

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