Are airoh helmets any good?

Are airoh helmets any good?

For the price, this Airoh has some great features. It’s a shame the visor can let water in, but I still would recommend it to a friend. It’s light compared to others I’ve worn, and is a good entry-level product.

Where are Airoh made?

The bulk of its helmets are made in Italy, although the base models are made in an Airoh factory in China.

Are airoh helmets Snell approved?

Racer X: Airoh Helmets have never been available in the United States before. But more important than the lightweight is how balanced the helmets are. They’re ECE certified instead of SNELL. The problem with SNELL is that they are still rating helmets primarily on an automotive safety testing method.

Which country is Airoh from?

Innovative helmet design from Italy Airoh is the helmet brand of Locatelli S.p.a. The North Italian company has been making helmets since 1986, initially for other brands in the motorcycle industry.

Is airoh Valor a good helmet?

Yep, it might be a budget helmet, but Airoh has definitely done something very right with the Valor to score maximum marks by SHARP. That means the Airoh Valor is both ECE tested/certified – which is a pretty arduous test to pass in its own right – and has maxed out the SHARP safety test.

How do you clean airoh valor?

At this point you have two options: hand washing or machine washing! In the former case you can dampen a microfibre cloth with a solution of water and baking soda (universal remedy!), and use it to wipe the dismantled parts several times to clean them thoroughly.

What are airoh helmets made of?

The Airoh GP 500 is their full race helmet with a Carbon Kevlar shell and ultra-light weight.

Are airoh helmets Australian approved?

All Airoh helmets are ECE (European) approved. Previously only helmets with Australian Standard approval were allowed to be worn in Australia, however the rules have recently been changed to allow ECE helmets. The companies’ flagship off-road helmet, the Aviator 2.2, is worn by top riders around the world.

What is airoh HPC?

HPC (High Performance Composite): the combination of composite materials with the prepreg technology allows us to achieve high performance products in terms of resistance, without disregarding the lightness.

Do airoh helmets meet Australian standards?

Are airoh helmets DOT approved?

Best we can figure it that it’s for styling reasons or to keep rain out. Now for the most important information, the Aviator 2.1 Arrow helmet is DOT, ECE and FMVSS certified.

Are German style helmets legal in Australia?

Helmet laws have changed radically in Australia over the past year, leaving riders a little confused about what they can wear and what they can and can’t do with their helmets. The Federal Government now allows European-standard helmets to be sold throughout the country, and every state now allows them to be worn.

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