Moscow "Spartak" because of "sanctions" was in the Europa League

2014-05-30 06:00 PM | Sport
Moscow "Spartak" because of "sanctions" was in the Europa League FC "Rostov", which was supposed to play in this tournament, was unable to obtain the necessary license

This scandal broke out tonight in Russian football. Suddenly Moscow “Spartak”, which by the end of the season could not get into one of the two European club competitions (Champions League and Europa League), received a ticket to Europe. The reason for all steel “sanctions.” Capital team will now prepare to participate in the Europa League after FC “Rostov”, who won the Cup of Russia this season, has not passed licensing for participation in European matches.

- Following the meeting of Appeal Committee Russian Football Union, it was decided to uphold the denial of a license League football club “Rostov” for season 2014/2015 years - did not come to the press service of the RFU tonight.

Information about the possible exception of Rostov club appeared a few days ago - when rumors spread that the winner of the Cup of Russia can not go to Europe because violations of the rules as so-called “Financial Fair Play Regulations.” Its essence is to ensure that the club should earn more than you spend. This year, the Russian team has already received punishment from UEFA - “Zenith”, “Ruby” and “Anji” were fined in the amount of 2 to 6 million euros.

Decoupling stories “Rostov” come tonight. Team, it was decided to give a second chance to receive European license. But the second attempt was unsuccessful - the officials of the Russian Football Union gave a red light club appearances from the banks of the Don in Europe.

Vice President, “Rostov” Alexander Shikunov in an interview with “Soviet sport” explained the reasons for such a decision. It turned out - the team just could not close all debts:

- I can not understand why we did not go forward. We won the Cup of Russia on sports grounds and earned a place in the Europa League. It turns out that in the field won, lost and officials.

- Some are looking for in this story “Spartak trail.” Saying “Spartacus” specially arranged all.

- Where does all Muscovites? We simply did not provide the necessary financial documents. According to UEFA requirements, the paper must be that of March 31, no debt, and we all debt repaid later. Because of this, all the fuss. Wanted to pay late, but we were and were not given this opportunity. Understand, “Rostov” - A team from the region. We always some financial problems, but there was not a single case that we somehow hurt the players and they have remained. We always got out.

- Are not you afraid that the players now flee from the “RostovĀ»?

- All our players have contracts. They can only leave if the club an invitation that will suit us.

- Will the “Rostov” appeal?

- I can not really answer this question. Need to sit down with lawyers and think well.

From all this scandalous situation benefit benefited one team - Moscow “Spartak”. Capital Club in the season ranked 6th in the championship of Russia, and therefore had no right to act in Europe. Now, according to the regulations, namely Spartak get chance to play in the Europa League. In such situations, usually, in the event that the winner of the Cup can not be admitted to the final, then takes his place finalist. FC “Krasnodar” already got it right as the fifth team in the championship of Russia. But then the matter - for the next team in the standings. She just turned the Moscow “Spartak”.

However, the last appearance of the club in the Europa League ended in a surprise defeat of the weak, of the strength of opponents.

In August last year ” ; Spartacus ” after two matches lost to the Swiss “St. Gallen” 3:5. In August 2011, the Polish capital club bypassed “Lehi”, which won the sum of two games 5:4.

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