Novodvorskaja sector called Right to provoke a war with Russia

2014-03-22 07:48 AM | Politics
Novodvorskaja sector called Right to provoke a war with Russia In his video, they explained Banderovites how to make NATO got involved in the conflict

call themselves human rights activist Novodvorskaya recorded a video message to rights activist sector, which encourages them to actively influence the new Ukrainian government to confront Russia.

- Dear Maidannikov heroes of Ukraine, dear Right sector, Mr. Dmitry Yarosh! - So begins his appeal Novodvorskaja. On the face of it wanders victorious smile with signs of madness.

- You completed dearly Ukrainian democratic revolution. If maidan was unarmed, if it were not for these stones and burning tires and “cocktails Hrushevskoho” if unarmed, no protected people just standing there, I’m sure that the “Berkut” broke them all and this revolution would have ended! You took a lot of weapons at military depots. You need to work on your government, do not give it to accept the occupation, not to let him give the Crimea, not to stay in the CIS, in diplomatic relations with Russia, do not let the cost of national humiliation to win a couple of weeks, because they no longer win! - Declares Novodvorskaja.
Then she shows a surprising “awareness” about the future plans of the Kremlin.

- Putin is set to hold a referendum throughout Eastern Ukraine. I assure you that they will be as illegitimate, as in the Crimea, and that by means of the bandits in camouflage to help the Russian troops in the Crimea, they proshtempelyuyut necessary decisions. All now depends on your fearlessness! - Instructs maydanovtsev Novodvorskaja.
She admits that if “could still bear arms and walk,” that would certainly have long enrolled in the Ukrainian militia.

And in general at this point did not arise doubt that if I had Novodvorskaia physical ability to pick up trees or stone potezhelee, she’d love to brake their heads who resisted Wanton Ukrainian bandits. Just in case, she even said that much at risk, and may suffer for his words. But unless such details are now value ...

- Putin and Russian generals, who have long been on their maps you cut off Crimea and eastern Ukraine, should see that there are who resist. They do not believe that the Ukrainian government would dare. And if the Ukrainian government would dare, then NATO will have a reason and the need for it to intervene! - Makes his main conclusion “activist».

That is clearly inadequate Novodvorskaja believes that activists of the “right sector” almost every day burst into the offices of Ukrainian officials and prosecutors, requiring them to take the necessary decisions . Apparently, she wants to finally activists broke into the office of the prime Arseniy Yatsenyuk and how to tinker his face on the table. Well, so he picked up the determination and did so again in the Ukraine started the bloodshed. And so new blood Novodvorskaja sure, Russia will not tolerate. Then, look, and NATO assistance arrives.

- In general, Ukraine glory, glory to the heroes and, unfortunately, the cheaper price you will defend their independence can not! - Exhaling, finished his speech Novodvorskaja and reached for a glass of water.


Alexander Solzhenitsyn: Ukrainian authorities helpfully play up American targets - to weaken Russia

in now already seems to be such a far-away 1998 (too many events we have experienced during this time) Russian classic Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote the book “Russia in Collapse.” It is the head of “Slavic tragedy”, which was written like yesterday. Too sharpened and all seem remarkably accurate prophecy thoughts and Solzhenitsyn in the light of what is happening today in Ukraine. But read for yourself - Here are excerpts from this chapter ()


SBU head Luhansk region: We will not allow on-Stepanakert and Grozny-on

His acquaintance with the political life almost never appeared in the “frontline reports” Lugansk we decided to start with the regional parliament. The local press, who delighted and who denouncing, telling us about the head of the regional council Valeria Golenko who dared to chide integer Kiev ministry. Although criticism of the central authorities in Ukraine today the most fashionable trend is not - is fraught. However, when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of “independence” Russian citizens of Ukraine refused to be called one of the country’s indigenous and christened their offensive word “diaspora”, the official could not remain silent vyplesnuv their emotions in Facebook ()

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