Missing Malaysian "Boeing-777" will find the Sabbath?

2014-03-12 09:24 PM | Incidents
Missing Malaysian "Boeing-777" will find the Sabbath? The mysterious disappearance of the current huge liner tragedy reminds five years ago


mystery in aviation history called the authorities of Malaysia disappearance of “Boeing 777.” Liner traveling from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, disappeared on the night of March 8, 2014 over the South China Sea. And still no trace of him has been detected. That, in fact, creates a lot of versions, including the most seemingly incredible.

However, if we recall, in the same way - to the smallest detail - the events developed in early June 2009, when disappeared over the Atlantic ” Airbus A330 “of Air France, en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. And it should look long and unsuccessfully.

LIKE PE has been

In both cases, there were no signs of trouble. The last message from the crew of “Airbus” was that everything is in order. As the pilots “Boeing”. Then, if you believe the radar, and he and the other liners made something like spreads. And disappeared from the screens. Both before that disengage the autopilot.

Almost immediately, it was reported that the wreckage “Airbus” discovered. But it was soon disproved. Floated on the water outside garbage. Trash and debris were “Boeing”, which also hastened to inform the very next day.

Replay and history of mobile phones. In 2009, the newspapers wrote about some Englishwoman who several days called her husband - passenger missing

«Airbus.” And his cell phone responded long beeps. Seemed to be functioning. Five years later, there was a similar story about a Chinese woman. Both cases looked mystical and inspired hope that the liners were not broken and drowned. Although experts have explained that long beeps may indicate only that the rooms are in roaming operators and redirect calls to voicemail, which is associated with a virtual phone.

Holocaust were similar and the number of victims. Aircraft is huge: in the “Airbus” flew 228 people, “Boeing” - 239. Both liners - 12 crew members.

Among the passengers in 2009 and in 2014 was one Russian. And two people who flew on stolen passports.

disappearance five years ago also seemed completely mysterious. Suspected terrorists, some of suicide pilots, sudden depressurization, failure of engines, lightning - including ball collision with another aircraft, the impact of a meteorite.

When the first shock was over, fell version of anomalous zones, time gaps, wandering the Bermuda Triangle, pro-alien abductors. At the same time, experts do not exclude that the ship could take emergency on the water. As in the TV series “Lost».

Naturally, all the versions made five years ago, and now sound - roughly in the same order, but about missing “Boeing”. Any fundamentally new no. It seems that there is no true.

AGAIN crew error?

In 2009, right were those who said that the disaster will be able to reveal the secret only after the wreckage of the liner will be found and “black boxes”. And so it happened. It turned out, “Airbus” was ruined by the crew. Commander - 58-year-old experienced pilot - gone to rest. At this time haywire speed sensors. Second, the so-called sub-menus, the pilot - a young 30-year-old man - did not understand the situation, pulled the aircraft’s nose. Accumulated exorbitant height - almost 12 kilometers. As a result, “Airbus” lost speed and fell. Fell more than three minutes. Happened so-called dumping, which the crew had fallen into a panic, did not deliver. Even the commander, who returned to the cockpit, do nothing is no longer able to.

probably something similar happened and now with “Boeing”. One more coincidence, his commander, too, was an old ac (‘53), the incident almost 20,000 hours. A second pilot - with experience in 10 times less - was not even 30 years old.

First passengers body “Airbus” and their personal belongings found in 6 days, one day found 14 more bodies, more a day - the tail of the aircraft, chairs, oxygen masks ... That is, those who are now looking for traces of the “Boeing”, there is still time. If we continue terrible analogy, the first results should be available on Saturday, March 15. Or Sunday.

«black boxes” “Airbus” found at a depth of 4000 meters, getting out with great difficulty. The depth of the South China Sea near the supposed catastrophe “Boeing-777” for about 100 meters. Flight recorders of the liner 30 days served ultrasonic acoustic signals, which can detect the submarine. The chances of finding very high. Sooner or later.

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