Rules of behavior at the Olympic Games in Sochi are published

2014-01-22 07:12 PM | Sport
Rules of behavior at the Olympic Games in Sochi are published On the official site of the Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi there was information on rules of behavior of guests and fans at competitions.

At the Olympic and Paralympic Games it is recommended not only to think to the audience in advance of acquisition of tickets for competitions and a hotel accommodation, but also it is obligatory to examine stay order on sporting venues.

On stadiums and to ice arenas it is forbidden to carry by the weapon and dangerous subjects, alarm rockets, fusees, petards. Fans it is authorized to support athletes sounds of horns and pipes, the size of banners shouldn’t exceed 2x1,5 m.

Audience can carry by with themselves folding-chairs and bags with the dimensions which aren’t exceeding 50x50x50 cm. Especially makes a reservation that it is better to photograph for private use without flash, not to use the device with a laser radiation or making excessive noise.

It is forbidden to offend other persons, including with use of banners, posters, banners and other means of evident propaganda, to make other actions discrediting honor, advantage or business reputation; to make the actions directed on excitement of hatred or hostility, and also on humiliation of dignity of the person or a group of persons on signs of a floor, race, a nationality, language, an origin, the relation to religion.

Also guests are forbidden to hide the faces, including to be masked, ride a bicycle on sporting venues, to gamble, arrange unauthorized advertizing campaigns, to request a donation and to act as the street musician.

It will be possible to take alcoholic drinks in close to Olympic facilities of cafe and restaurants. The territory of the Olympic Park and all sports constructions are declared by a zone, free from smoking. Audience isn’t recommended to take with themselves food and drinks in venues of competitions, exceptions will make bottles with the children’s mixes which volume won’t exceed one liter.

Broken these rules can remove from the Olympic facility. In some cases the security service of Games can select the passport of the fan or accreditation.

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